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Sun, Sand, Dog, Sea – Cornwall Dog Friendly Beaches

Sun, Sand, Dog, Sea – Cornwall Dog Friendly Beaches

Dogs are man’s best friend, goes the common saying.

Like humans, they enjoy large open spaces to roam carefreely, playing and paddling in the water, and the sensory experience of being in nature.

If they have not been acquainted with the beach, that experience might be really enjoyable for them, but they just don’t know it yet.

You might already have tried camping with your dog, as we know you can’t leave them alone for too long.

Yet, taking furry friends out to the beach might not have crossed your mind, and understandably so, as some Cornwall beaches might turn you away if you have a dog accompanying you.

However, these beaches are some that are certified dog-friendly. We have covered the top 10 beaches in Cornwall, but in this article we specifically look at dog friendly beaches. We have done the research and reviews so you can just enjoy your time away.

Appletree Bay

Appletree Bay is a beach that has a mile’s worth of fine sand for you to sink your feet into.

The sandy beach on Tresco, the second biggest island of the Isles of Scilly, is not complete without the prominent sand dunes and the transparent waters of the Tresco Flats.

This beach is the perfect tropical escape from the more popular, crowded beaches on the mainland.

Fistral Beach

Known around the globe as one of the most prominent places that surfers flock to get their fill of the sea, the beach is also as impressive as the waters.

Fine sand, plenty of sun and the light sea breeze — what more can people and their four-legged companions ask for?

The waves that crash at this beach have been recorded to reach up to eight feet high, which makes Fistral Beach the ideal place for famous UK surfing competitions like the UK Pro Surf Tour and the BUSA Championships, which attract spectators, beginners to the sport and the seasoned veterans.

Gorran Haven

This crescent-shaped beach sits right in front of Gorran Haven village, against a backdrop of cliffs and village apartments.

The beach does not have lifeguards, but it does have many useful facilities since it is located close to the town centre.

At high tide, visitors can go to the harbour and stone pier, established in the 1800s, and gaze out to where fishing boats drift in the waters from the shore.

Harlyn Bay

The beach at Harlyn Bay stretches on as far as the eye can see.

A gorgeous sandy and pebbly beach is located at the east of Trevose Head, west of Padstow, dogs will love running along the dramatic rocky shore, while their owners will enjoy the treks offered at the beach, such as the one to Mother Ivey’s Bay and Trevose Head. Besides treks, this beach is also popular with surfers and kayakers.

There are also surf schools to coach newbies.

Mexico Towans

Mexico Towans is one beach out of the few in the Hayle/Towans area, all within four miles of one another.

Unfortunately, driving in might not be feasible as the beach does not have any main roads that connect to it.

However, the beach is wide and expansive, and ideal for dogs to roam.

Pedn Vounder

With the magnificent cliffs of Treryn Dinas in the background and a pristine beach in the foreground, Pedn Vounder is a picture-perfect scene.

The waters are as clear as glass, and the sand is as soft as silk.

Logan Rock, a gigantic 70-tonne block of granite naturally balanced atop the cliffs that people love attempting to rock, can also be found here, at the east end of the beach.

After visiting the famous Logan Rock, take a walk back to the car with your dog in tow to wrap up the day’s activities — the distance will probably exhaust its energy and get it ready to wind down for the night. 

Porth Joke Beach

This beach has the rather unfortunate nickname of “Polly Joke” but the beach is hardly a joke.

Situated between two headlands and featuring several natural small rock formations, this beach stands out from other beaches for stretching farther from shore to sea than from one end to the other.

Besides sand and sea, the beach also has a stream that runs through it, rock pools and caves for additional tourist attractions.

A bonus: this beach is still an undiscovered gem compared to the popular Torquay, which is only five miles further.


Tregardock Beach

Tregardock Beach is right smack between Port Isaac and Tintagel and usually has few visitors, which means a respite from the throngs of beachgoers is what you will get should you make the slightly arduous journey to get there.

Parking spots are few, and you would have to walk down a long path that includes a descent down a rocky slope to reach the beach.

When you eventually reach though, you will realise the journey was well worth the effort, and the excited tail wags from your pet will tell you that too.

The beach is pristine at low tide, with rocks, cliffs, caves and a waterfall that emerge, but be careful at high tide as the shore recedes into the deep water.

Upton Towans Beach

At low tide, this beach combines with the other beaches adjacent to it to form one long, endless stretch of beach.

But it is this expanse that has made the beach the choice place for kite buggy and avid sand yacht fans to go to.

The enormity of this beach from end to end is also good for spacing out the crowds, so the beach hardly feels swamped with people.

Taking a long walk on the beach, feet sinking into the sand, with a dog by your side has never sounded more enticing.

Vault Beach

A crescent-shaped beach surrounded by scenic green hills, Vault Beach is a hidden treasure that spells serenity.

The beach is located beside the 110-metre Dodman Point, and the sea is usually tame here, but there is no lifeguard to keep watch over the visitors.

Note that the far end of the beach is a nudist beach, if that is up your alley; though the beach-goers may not appreciate an unleashed dog in their private space!


Just as beaches emerge from low tide, they can also be submerged in high tide.

Be wary of the tide times if you intend to head to the beach so that you can keep yourself and your furry companion safe.

Let us know in the comments below, your favourite dog friendly beaches in Cornwall.

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