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what are the benefits of Nikwax

What Are The Benefits of Nikwax?

Anyone who is serious about exploring the great outdoors will understand the importance of buying the right equipment, whether this is tents for camping trips, rucksacks, waterproof coats or of course walking boots. Of course, the right equipment can come with a bit of a price tag which means that you will want to pay special attention to how you look after it to ensure that it lasts.

Re-waterproofing your equipment is a great way of ensuring that it staves off the worst of the weather and it also helps it look great for longer.

There are several products available on the market that can be used to waterproof your equipment and one that you may have already come across (and if you haven’t, you may want to look into) is Nikwax.

What is Nikwax?

Nikwax was first made in 1977 by a young walker who made the first batches in his own kitchen. The original product was made using wax and products he bought from a local hardware store. The formula is now patented as the Nikwax TX.10i water-repellent elastomer and its formula is based on the same sort of flexible material that is found in the soles of shoes.

What is Nikwax made of?

Essentially, Nikwax is a mineral wax that has had it molecular structure altered to make it more resilient and elastic. And if you were wondering ‘where is Nikwax manufactured?’, The answer is right here in the UK.

Which Nikwax should I use?

You might be wondering which Nikwax to go for, and with good reason. The Nikwax range contains a wide variety of products that are suitable for use on footwear, clothing and even equipment. If you were wondering how to Nikwax a tent then they have a product that is ideal for this, and not only does it re-waterproof your tent, something that is very important especially in the UK climate, but it can also block UV as well.

There are products that can be used on leather, suede or nubuck, which are ideal for your walking boots, and other types of footwear. The range also has products that be used on your waterproof garments and even your down filled items. In fact, the only question you might find yourself asking is ‘What Nikwax to use next?’ because the range is so diverse.

The benefits

A significant benefit of Nikwax must be the versatility of the range with products that are suitable for some many of the items you might want to use for your outdoor adventures. There are plenty of other benefits as well.

  • Nikwax treatments do not alter the texture, colour or even the feel of your clothing garments
  • They can be used on sleeping bags and do not alter the texture of the filling
  • They can be used on leather clothing without harming the waterproofing that has been applied by the tannery
  • There are Nikwax products designed for use with you garments that can be used in your washing machine, making the whole re-proofing process simple and very easy
  • Unlike other waterproofing products on the market Nikwax does not require the addition of heat to help it bond, this makes it quicker and more practical to use
  • Nikwax is widely available in any store that sells outdoor items and over the internet
  • Nikwax make products that can clean your garments, these can then be followed with one of their re-waterproofing products
  • Nikwax products have a fantastic shelf life of four years and backed by a guarantee from the company – so if you only have one garment to treat and you don’t do it very often you can be assured that it will work just as well as you get to the end of the bottle as it did at the beginning
  • The products are water based which means they do not contain propellants or gases; they are non-toxic and don’t harm the environment

How to use Nikwax?

The instructions for each product are clear to follow. Everything you need to know is covered, from FAQ covering ‘Nikwax tech wash how to use?’ to ‘Nikwax tech wash how much to use?’ Answers can be found in the instructions that are included with each bottle. And because the people at Nikwax understand that different water types may affect how their products work, they have also included information on dosages for hard and soft water.

In short, Nikwax products are incredibly easy to use, they are water based so incredibly safe to use and perhaps most importantly they keep you dry.  And, as anyone who likes the outdoor life will tell you, being able to keep dry on a camping trip is something that can make your trip that much more pleasant!


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