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FAQ about Nikwax

FAQ About Nikwax

A common name you may hear of when you’re talking to experienced campers is Nikwax. Nikwax is a great product that can be used on a variety of items to make them waterproof, making it a camper’s best friend.

Can I machine wash my waterproof jacket?

It should be fine to machine wash your waterproof jacket, but check the care label first. Nikwax has been specially formulated to use in the washing machine to give your garment an even coating, to help it maintain its waterproof qualities.

Where do you put Nikwax in the washing machine?

If you are wondering where to put Nikwax in the washing machine, then both Nikwax Tech Wash and Nikwax TX.Direct Wash-In have been specially designed to be added to either the detergent drawer of your washing machine or if you prefer or used directly in the drum with a Nikwax ball.

How often should I use Nikwax to wash my jacket?

In order to maintain your jacket’s waterproof qualities, you should use Nikwax every time you wash it. In terms of how often should you use Nikwax in the long run, i.e, how often do you wash your jacket, it’s important to consider that the more you wash your waterproof coat, no matter what product you use, it will eventually become less effective, so only wash it when it really needs it.

Does Nikwax products need heat to work?

Nikwax has been specially formulated without the need for heat to provide the bond between the fabric and the waterproofing polymer. The end result is the same if not even better than those products on the market that require heat, and they don’t need that extra step, making them even quicker and simpler to use.

Which is better Nikwax or Grangers?

This is a common question that is often asked by those who enjoy the great outdoors and want to keep their garments and equipment in good condition. The two products are very different to each other. Nikwax does not require any heat to help it bond whereas Grangers does.

How much Nikwax Tech Wash do I use?

If you are wondering how much Nikwax Tech Wash to use then this will depend on whether you live in a hard or soft water area. There is a handy dosing guide on the back of the bottle to help you.

Can I use Nikwax on my footwear?

There are specially formulated Nikwax products that are perfect for use on footwear. They can be used on leather, nubuck and suede depending on the type of shoes you are looking to protect. Check how to use Nikwax shoe proof before using it on your footwear.

Where to buy Nikwax Waterproofing, is it easy to find?

Whether you are looking for Nikwax waterproofing, or Nikwax Tech Wash, where to buy is a questions we’re happy to answer. All Nikwax products are readily available here on the site.

Can I use Nikwax for my tent?

How to Nikwax a tent is an easy question to answer and begins with selecting the correct product. Nikwax Cotton Proof is suitable for use on canvas tents and Nikwax Tent and Gear Solarproof for other tent fabrics. Remember to read the instructions carefully and where necessary use the appropriate Nikwax washing product first.

Should I use a wash in or a spray on Nikwax product?

Which Nikwax to use depends on the job that you have at hand. Wash in waterproofing can penetrate the full garment getting into all those awkward little gaps. A spray on Nikwax product is designed to target small areas that need re-waterproofing when the rest of the garment is fine.

How long does Nikwax waterproofing last?

All Nikwax treatments are very effective and last a long time. If the item in question has been treated  properly first using Nikwax Tech Wash and then with the appropriate waterproofing treatment then you should be able to wash it between 4 – 6 times with Tech wash before it will need to be waterproofed again.  How often you wash it will obviously depend on how dirty it gets.

How often should you use Nikwax?

For outdoor clothing that gets the average amount of use Nikwax recommend using their products to wash and re-proof your garments at least once per year. Shoes may need re-proofing more often, depending how muddy and wet they get. For tents you should use Nikwax products when they begin to become less waterproof.

What should you do if your Nikwax product has frozen?

Nikwax should be stored in a cool dry place inside your home rather than outside. Nikwax recommend that you do not allow their products to become frozen.


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