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15 Must-try Trails In England

15 Must-try Trails In England

Hiking Trails To Try In England

All hikers would know that there is one country that must be visited because it simply offers the most gorgeous of views, not just one, but many different kinds.

If you think of the top listed places to hike at, you would realise that most of them come from England.

In this list, all the walks and routes we will be listing are all from England and here are the 15 trails that had us going head over heels for.

1. Valley of Rocks, Devon

Plunge into the forgotten world of North Devon in the Valley of Rocks.

It definitely makes it feel as if you are not in a location that is part of reality.

However, the wildlife goats that you see scrambling on the crags definitely proves that place is as natural as it can be.

2. Teign Gorge, Devon

The fun fact about this place is that you would not have thought it was a restored woodland.

The trees that surround the place, the river that runs through it, the orange hue that paints the whole place – the place just seems to be ablaze with life.

3. Zenor Head, Cornwall

If you love hiking through farmlands, woodlands and enjoy seeing wildflowers, wildlife and a magnificent sea view, Zenor Head checks all the boxes.

It gives you a diverse experience with a single walk and standing atop the cliff, you would certainly feel like the king of the world.

4. Buttermere and Rannderdale Knotts, Cumbria

If you appreciate a good forest and enjoy the occasional camp, Buttermere and Rannerdale Knotts is a good stop point.

It is host to many of the most exquisite trees and forests that provide shelter for campers and there is even a sparkling lake right beside.

5. Rhinefield, Hampshire

Prepare your senses for one of the best trips down Rhinefield as you take in some of nature’s finest creations and discover what true peace is.

The forest is home to redwoods and firs that loom over hikers providing protection from the sun.

If you are lucky, you might even spot some roe deer, wild boar and New Forest ponies!

6. Seven Sisters, East Sussex

This is the best trail to start off if you are the kind to appreciate stellar views of beaches and rockpools.

On your journey, you will be accompanied by the beauty of many different types of plants and even some Brimstone butterflies.

7. Horsey, Norfolk

This one is less of a hill or a hike but a tour of a tranquil village called Horsey.

There are various things up for discovery there.

There are ears of wheat that grow as high up to our waist, clouds that stretch past the horizons.

There’s even a windmill which I am sure is no longer a common sight.

8. Holkham Beach, Norfolk

Do you love the view at sunset?

The way the orange light blends in perfectly with the purple in the skies.

If you think that’s enrapturing, Holkham Beach will blow your mind.

Combine the beauty of beaches and that, you get Holkham Beach, one of the finest paths to walk on.

9. Tegg’s Nose and Macclesfield Forest, Cheshire

We hope you love a long walk because this place has plenty of places to visit and it covers quite a significant portion of ground.

Here, you get to see how greenery meld in with stone structures in such a natural way that there are no questions.

It is just perfect.

10. Chrome Hill, Derbyshire

If you ever wanted to know what a dragon was really like, Chrome Hill is where you can find one?

Wait, really?

Dragons are not just creatures of myth?

Well, yes you can find dragons here because the scene here is out of this world.

Here, you definitely must check out the famed Dragon’s Back.

11. Caer Caradoc Hill, Shropshire

This is those of you who love a spectacular peak, you will definitely enjoy this trail.

This will not be the easiest hike out there as the hill itself is relatively steep.

But, you know what they say, nothing worth having ever comes easy.

But the views atop of Caer Caradoc Hill are absolutely worth the effort.

12. Burnham Beeches, Buckinghamshire

We do not usually tell people when they should visit a place but this is one of those places that you must visit during a certain season.

When you visit this place in autumn, you will never look at any other places the same way again.

13. Dimmings Dale, Staffordshire

For those of you who enjoy the relaxing walk, Dimmings Dale is a great place to start.

The path is not complicated as it is simply a straight path and has the protection of surrounding trees.

It is also a good place for families or those of you who would also love to bring their furry friends along.

There are many things to appreciate here like the wildflowers in the area.

You could build up a tea shop here with all the varieties.

14. Muker, Swaledale, North Yorkshire

When you watch some shows and they always show this spectacular meadow with all the colours and varieties of plants that add so much life to a scene?

Swaledale’s meadow honestly could have been the setting for many movies.

During the spring season, the wildflowers bloom and there are multiple colours that paint over the green giving the area such a vibrant vibe.

15. Rydal and Grasmere, Cumbria

If you have the chance, visit this place in all the different seasons: winter, spring, summer and autumn.

The place never changes, the trees are still rooted in the same spot, but you will definitely get a different experience from each season.

In winter, you see a beautiful landscape of white that makes you feel like you are in a dream.

In the spring, new life bursts forth painting the whole forest in a vibrant green.

In the summer, it might be a little warm but that’s where the forest reaches the peak of life.

In the autumn, a beautiful blend of brown and orange will be right before your eyes.

England’s Best Walks

So, if you get the chance, do pop by these places! England’s various mountains and hills are just what you need to get your blood pumping while enjoying the great scenery. 


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