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why visit brodsworth hall

Why Visit Brodsworth Hall?

If you find yourself constantly intrigued about British culture and where we’ve come from across the years, it’s very likely you may already show a keen interest in exploring our various stately homes, halls and places of historical interest.

One of the most intriguing sites of historical importance is Brodsworth Hall, situated in the heart of South Yorkshire.

Once home to a Victorian dynasty and largely preserved for visitors to learn more about across the years, Doncaster’s own Victorian time capsule has only been opened up in recent years to show new generations the height of heritage in their area.

But just what does Brodsworth Hall have in store for visitors once they get there?

Let’s delve a little bit into the history books and take a closer look.

A Brief History of Brodsworth

Brodsworth Hall in its final state was first built during the 1860s and was home to the Thelluson family for more than a century.  Built for Charles Thelluson in a style similar to that reserved for Queen Victoria, it sits on what is still believed to have once been a route used by Romans to help build Doncaster in ancient times.

While there is a wider and fascinating history to the Brodsworth estate in general that far predates the Hall’s acquisition by Thelluson, it is this period of the home which largely stands tall today.

Thelluson requested the commission of architect Philip Wilkinson to create an Italianate summer retreat – something of a gentleman’s estate – complete with a full wing for servants to live in!

The Hall passed into the hands of Thelluson’s sons and onwards through the years, up unto the point where the magnificent Hall and its gardens sadly fell into something of disrepair.

The last known resident of Brodsworth Hall passed away in 1988 – and since then, it has been the focus of a careful restoration and revival project, only having been well and truly opened up to visitors in recent times.  Therefore, you can now take a trip back in time to see how Victorian gentlemen truly lived – in what remains a fascinating restoration project.


Let’s cover the costs – this is part of the  and therefore if you have an annual pass you can visit for free (assuming it not a special event – these cost more but see below).

There are so many English Heritage sites to visit, I would highly recommend getting the yearly pass.

Member – Join nowFreeFree
Child (5-17 years)£6.80£7.50
Family (2 adults, up to 3 children)£29.40£32.50
Overseas Visitor Pass (9 or 16 days unlimited)Buy now

A True Time Capsule

One of the main reasons people flock to Brodsworth Hall lies in the fact that, despite its restoration, there are still plenty of artefacts and facilities which have been kept as-is.

This means that, while the major sources of disrepair have been attended to over the years, there has been careful attention made to ensure that the effects and marks left here by the Thelluson family and beyond can still be marvelled at to this day.

It’s a carefully-preserved museum, a true Victorian time capsule – one with enormous ‘grand rooms’ on the ground floor and with other spaces kept in the same fashion and expectations of the day.

From the grand billiard room to the deep and expansive Victorian kitchen – still with cooking range and scullery installed – you can take on a full, guided tour here.

It is like stepping into a teatime costume drama at times – it really is fascinating to see quite how many items, paintings, flourishes, furnishings and otherwise have been retained here for future generations to appraise and enjoy.

The house has therefore been kept to the same standards, largely, they were left in since the passing on the home’s final resident, Sylvia Grant-Dalton.  This means that while some decoration and effects have faded or fallen on hard times, they retain a sense of historic majesty – it’s a living museum in the sense that it’s not been created – but left here as it was always intended.

Grandiose Gardens

One of the most attractive features of Brodsworth Hall today remains the incredible gardens which are constantly attended to – offering spectacular floral displays and an intriguing walk through garden artwork and statues throughout the exterior estate, there’s a really romantic feeling here that’s been cultivated with care and passion.

The summerhouse here has been fully restored for guests to enjoy the gardens in from beyond, and one of the major things to see here lies in the various garden displays which have been crafted in miniature.  It’s a multitude of gardens, floral artwork and ideas all rolled into one spectacular space.

Tantalising Tearoom and Terrace

Brodsworth Hall and Gardens are all about exploring our distant history and learning a little bit more about the world we lived in in centuries gone by.

After a time, however, you’re going to need some refreshment – so why not head to the Hall’s special tearoom, where you can take in the majesty of the home, gardens and surrounding area from the outdoor terrace?

There’s traditional Yorkshire food and drink available here for the whole family to sample and enjoy, though you’re also welcome to bring along your own picnic to enjoy in the main gardens – make it a day out to remember any which way you can!

Special Events

Brodsworth Hall is also hosting to several events and exhibitions each year, much of it revolving around specific historical events that took place here – from the origins of the home to the lives of those who lived and worked here, there’s always something new to be unearthed, discovered or learned about here.

It’s therefore always worth keeping an eye on what’s in store here from season to season.


They recently had a historian down, dressed from the “Home Guard” teaching the kids about WW2 in the area, letting them use training grenades and marching with wooden rifles.

Haunted Hall Ghost Tours

Did you know Brodsworth Hall us haunted. We dare you to visit for a candlelit ghost tour and hear from spooky stories.

A tourch is highly recommended and is a must for family fun adventure.

Sat 27th, Sun 28th Oct, Sat 3rd, Sun 4th Nov – time 6pm – 7pm.

Price – £5/£3 (£10/£6 for non members)

It’s highly recommend booking in advance.

TorchLight Ghost Tours

Ages 14+

If the above wasn’t scary enough for you, then why not head during the night for a tourch light ghost tour.

Sat 27th Sun 28th Oct, Sat 3rd and Sun 4th Nov – time 7:30pm – 8:30pm

Price – £5/£3 (£10/£6 for non members)

Booking is essential

Spooky Half Term

Head down to Brodsworth hall between Sat 27th October – 4th November (11am – 4pm) for some frighting fun. Hear storeis from the victorian undertaker and find out how spooky and gruesome it was to live in Victorian England.

Price – Free for members. (£11.30/£6.80 for non members)

Santa Clause

Enjoy an Audience with father Christmas. The children with gather round with father christmas and enjoy some tales before having a photo taken with the big man.

There is a gift in store for the young boys and girls.

Sat 1st, Sun 2nd, Sat 8th, Sun 9th December. 10:30am, 11:30am, 12:30pm, 1:30pm and 2:30pm.

Price – Adults free. Children £5 (£8.80/£10.30 for non members).

Booking is highly recommended.

Enchanted Brodsworth

Make the most of the dark evenings, by taking a stroll around the grounds and seeing the place light up. The hall and gardens are transformed into an illuminated world and is a must see.

Follow the trail to discover the garden in a new light, enjoy mulled wine and marshmallows toasting in the courtyard.

Thursday 6th – Sunday 9th December

Thursday 13th – Sunday 16th December

Thursday 20th – Saturday 22nd December

Time – 4:30pm – 9pm.

Prices – £8/£5/£21 for family ticket (£12/£7.50/£31.60 for family tickets for non members).

Booking is highly essential.

Park for the Kids

This was being updated when we visited, but it was still a nice little park for the kids too play in.

It has a nice couple of picnic benches to have a bite to eat if you don’t fancy the cafe.

Something Here for Everyone

Whether you’re taking in the majestic Hall itself or the glorious gardens, there’s something here for everyone to marvel at and enjoy.  From tranquillity in nature to fascination at the world we’ve come from, Brodsworth Hall is a hidden gem for anyone who may not have visited Doncaster before.

There’s much more to the grounds, the history and the gardens than we’ve given credit for here – so do make sure you get the whole family invested in a great trip out the next time you are in the vicinity.

Fascinated about the Victorian era, or just fancy taking an afternoon out for tea on the terrace somewhere authentic?  Come to Brodsworth!

If you are heading to Doncaster – check out why visit Doncaster which contains some great other local attractions.

If you do fancy visiting then you can sign up at the English Heritage site for a year pass – otherwise, you can pay when you arrive.

With the annual pass – it means you can visit multiple times and make use of the all the events which are planned in the coming months.

Member – Join nowFreeFree
Child (5-17 years)£6.80£7.50
Family (2 adults, up to 3 children)£29.40£32.50
Overseas Visitor Pass (9 or 16 days unlimited)Buy now


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