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top 3 places to visit

Top 3 Places to Visit in Yorkshire

Yorkshire, situated in the North of England is best known for its Roman and Viking heritage, as well as two breath-taking national parks full of wildlife and outdoor activities.

Visitors of Yorkshire are always keen to take in the sights of the Norman castles and medieval abbeys as well as the famous Yorkshire Dales, before perhaps heading off down to one of the many beaches that populate the stunning coastlines of the Yorkshire coast – which is where we start.

The Yorkshire Coast

Around the coast of Yorkshire, you have the choice of over 10 sandy beaches with crystal clear water that crashes around impatiently, excited for new swimmers.

The magnificent sea views can be absorbed from cliff tops that surround, with hidden caves underneath and dog trail walks on top.

Each beach offers a different experience, all as individual and filled with history as the next. Filey, for example, is a small village that is perfect for family trips to the sea side, with fish and chip shops and plenty of inflatable lilo’s nearby. Flamborough provides adventure for snorkelers (or anyone with a pair of goggles and a love for hide and seek), swim along the cliff edges searching for precious sea life – careful to not disrupt their homes.

If these don’t take your fancy, then the list continues… Runswick Bay, Whitby, Bridlington, Scarborough and Ravenscar are all separated by a short car journey. Time to pack your beach bag!

South Yorkshire

Many campers will already be familiar with the likes of Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield which are just three places to explore in the south end of Yorkshire – however if I said to you “tumbling moorland, rolling hills and stretches of beautifully scented meadows” – would you know where to look? The Peak District is the home to the cities, and the countries, most surreal scenery.

With cliff edges to climb upon, bike tracks to pedal through and lavender fields to sit in, the Peak District is indescribably the most dreamlike place for all adrenaline seekers.

If all that seems far from your cup of tea, then what about a relaxing stroll around the countryside farms in Sheffield?

Where you can pet the friendly animals and feed them during lunch times. Fill up on delicious and nutritious vegan and vegetarian food (because we wouldn’t want to eat those adorable piglets) at the Farm Kitchen before continuing to the Garden Centre, where the whole family can learn about the world we live in.

West Yorkshire

With 7 Cities and Towns to burrow through in West Yorkshire, it’s impossible to pick just one favourite. I would suggest building energy and strength with mouth-watering local produce in the Honley Bakery located along the cobbled streets in Holmfirth. Shelves stacked with freshly baked breads and deliciously iced cakes will fuel a family through their fun day out.

Why not pack a picnic from the local farm shops? Pick your own strawberries, select your favourite cheese’s and indulge in the award winning Yummy Yorkshire Ice Cream parlour, to cool down your little ones under the holiday sunshine.


A true and traditional camping experience can be found at Elland Hall Farm Caravan Park, in Halifax, West Yorkshire.

With a small greenery field enough for 10 pitches, the community between campers is as it should be.

Fortunately, (depending what you are searching for), there are no entertainment bars or kids clubs, no luxury restaurants on site or TV’s sat in the caravan.

This is a caravan park for true explorers who wish to create real time memories and delve into the outdoors.

This raw and rural kind of camping isn’t always a number one choice, especially with a family of young children or pets.

Sticking West, in Ilkley, a small family run campsite is perched on the countryside for a great outdoor experience with a twist, lodge cabins! (which is also referred to as ‘glamping’).

Clarion Lodge Campsite also accommodates for tents, motorhomes and caravans but offers a first class camping experience with electricity, heating and hot water on demand, all inside a cosy wooden home. The cabin also includes a fridge, microwave and kettle but does not cater bedding or towels.

Lastly, dogs welcome, hooray, what is a family holiday without the family dog?!


With plenty more of Yorkshire to explore, there’s no doubt that there will be something for each member of the family – whether teenagers addicted to their iPhones and forever texting their best friend or young toddler’s eager to stretch their tiny legs causing mischief.

Get outdoors together and make wonderful memories… today!


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