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7 places to visit in York

7 Places to Visit in York

York remains one of the most fascinating and historically important cities in the North of England – if not across the whole of the country – and there are plenty of reasons why you may want to spend a day or two, or a whole week, checking out the various sights, sounds and more besides on offer.  Camping up near or in York itself means you have perfect access to plenty of different sites of interest as well as buzzing nightlife, the city’s incredible restaurant scene and more besides.  Here are our seven picks for the best experiences you can have in York right now – whether you’re camping or taking on a day trip or two.

York Minster

Anyone who already knows a thing or two about York, or anyone with a passing interest in architecture will already be well aware of the majesty of the Minster.  For just £10, you can gain all-day access to the majestic gothic cathedral, with a free guided tour and a plethora of amazing stained glass windows for you to take in throughout the day.  The Minster stands alone as THE York landmark – and whether or not you’re into your history or your architecture, we’re certain you’ll find the majesty of it all fairly breath-taking.

The York Dungeon

If you’ve got a particularly strong stomach, or if you’d simply like to know more about York’s grim and bloodthirsty past, the York Dungeon is an amazing treat for visitors of all ages, take in re-enactments, torture chamber exhibits and absolutely none of the murky details spared – if you’re the sort of tourist who loves to take in the grim and the gory, The York Dungeon is an absolute must – and you’re only looking at £15.95 to get in for the whole day.  Who’d’ve thought that historical cruelty could be so fun?

Jorvik Viking Centre

We weren’t kidding when we said that York has plenty of history to go round, and while the Vikings may have come over here from Scandinavia, they more than made their mark on British shores, with York being a particularly intriguing site for Anglo Saxon artefacts and history in general.  Thanks to the hard work of archaeologists and general Viking fans, the Jorvik Viking Centre now stands as a mock-up Viking City – with nothing spared with regard to the whole experience.  If horned helmets, sieges and massive feasts tickle your fancy, grab yourself a York Pass or head on over to the Jorvik Centre with £10.25 in hand per adult.

York Beer Tasting Tour

Not so much a place as opposed to an all-out experience, York’s famous Beer Tasting Tour will introduce you and your friends the authentic beer and real ale that have gone down in the city’s history – for the better, we might add!  This educational trip is more or less a pub crawl with some interesting history titbits thrown in – meaning that if you’re the sort of person who loves to drink while learning, you may as well fill up or glass and get right along to some of the best authentic pubs and taverns the old town has to offer.  Cheers!

The Shambles

Anyone who lives in York will tell you that a trip to the city is hardly complete without a stumble down The Shambles.  Home to some of the most striking medieval shop fronts and buildings in the country, this quaint yet character street is a hugely popular draw for tourists from all over the world – it’s your quintessential English cobbled street from centuries gone by, and it’s still being lovingly preserved for thousands to traipse up and down to their hearts’ delight.

The National Railway Museum

Whether or not you’re a trainspotter, you might be surprised by what the National Railway Museum has to offer.  Boasting replicas of the oldest transport to ever hit the British rails, as well as incredible bullet trains and stacks of history and interactive exhibits, this is hardly a boring trip – and what’s more, it’s completely free.

The Yorkshire Museum

Last and definitely not least is the amazing Yorkshire Museum, an iconic celebration of archaeology and interactive displays showcasing the best the region has to offer.  Learn about what happened when the Romans came to town – take in a movie or two – or sample the striking stuffed animal exhibit – at £7.50 per head, it’s great value for a full day of entertainment.

So know you now 7 great places to visit in York the question we want to know is, which one are you going to visit first?

Let us know in the comments below.

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