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What Size Rucksack for Wild Camping Is Best?

What Size Rucksack for Wild Camping Is Best?

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No matter your age or experience, it’s always great to connect with the outdoors through camping. However, not all campers enjoy a cosy campsite and strict schedule. Some prefer something a little more… wild. 

Wild camping, or as we call it Leave no Trace Camping means you don’t have to stay in designated campsites. Instead, you can pitch your tent wherever you feel like it — by a waterfall, the sea, or the middle of a field. 

However, for a successful camping trip, you need a good rucksack to carry all your equipment. When choosing what size rucksack for wild camping, there are lots of factors to consider. It’s why we’ve created this easy guide telling you everything to look out for when selecting a rucksack for wild camping.

How Much Can It Carry?

There’s no point taking a rucksack on your wild camping trip that can’t carry all the items you need. It’s usually best to purchase a specialised camping rucksack as they are larger than the standard varieties. 

A rucksack with a volume of 45-50 litres is usually a good starting capacity for a couple of days. However, if you need to carry a lot of clothing —such as for wild camping in the winter — the volume may need to be higher.

It’s vital that your rucksack can carry the amount of food you need. This amount can vary depending on your body and how long you intend to camp. 

If you don’t plan on stocking up on supplies during your trip, you need to make sure your rucksack can carry enough for your trip.

Pro Tip: Keep in mind that most women consume around 2,000 calories a day, and men consume 2,500. You can use caloric intake to estimate how many food packages you’ll need to carry. Also, if you’re doing a lot of exercise, your calorie needs will increase, which means the space you’ll need for food will increase, too. 

How Much Does It Weigh?

When deciding what size rucksack for wild camping, you should also take weight into account. Remember that the rucksack will probably only leave your shoulders when you’re sleeping or resting. You mustn’t choose a rucksack that’s very heavy as it can cause injury or ruin your fun experience.

Ideally, you want to choose a rucksack that is 2kg at the heaviest. When you’re filling it with your clothing, equipment, and supplies, it will quickly get a lot heavier. You mustn’t start with a heavy rucksack as that will make it even harder to carry.

Make sure that you know what your limits are when it comes to weight. For example, if you’re an experienced hiker who regularly lifts weights, you may be able to carry a heavier rucksack. However, if you’re a beginner, it’s much better to start small. 

Pro Tip: Before you head out into the wilderness, try carrying a rucksack — or another similarly sized bag — with the items you’ll carry. You can trek around the house to see how much weight you can withstand and for how long.

Is It Comfortable?

Nothing ruins a fun trip as fast as uncomfortable equipment. No matter what size rucksack for wild camping you choose, this is a crucial part of it. 

A good rucksack for wild camping should have a comfortable waist strap and shoulder straps. These straps will keep the weight distributed across your body and prevent all the weight from pressing on your shoulders and back.

Not only should the bag be comfortable to carry, but it should also be easy to store and keep your items safe. Having a waterproof bag helps make it more comfortable whilst securing your items.

Pro Tip: Make sure that you’ve adjusted the straps. The rucksack shouldn’t sit too low or too high but centred on your back. It should never go above eye level.

Have an Excellent Wild Camping Trip

Now you know what size rucksack for wild camping is best. If you’re ready to have a fantastic time wild camping, start exploring your options for different sized wild camping rucksacks today!

Remember to stay safe and make sure you have enough supplies for your whole trip — and some backup items for any unexpected mishaps. Wild camping is a fun and active way to see the world, so strap on your new rucksack and get exploring.

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Author: Andy


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