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Scotlands 8 Finest Treks

Scotland’s Eight Finest Treks

Trails Of Scotland

When you think of highlands and nice scenery, what comes to mind is definitely Scotland.

It is the land of island beaches, hidden lochs and mountain valleys.

What also awaits you in Scotland are some of the best adrenaline-pumping adventures.

The best time for this adventure will be in summer and if that’s the period now, stop sitting on it.

Grab yourself some midge repellent and some booze to celebrate at the peak of the summit.

Here are the best 8 trails that you will not regret going but will regret not going!

1. Have a taste of the city: Water of Leith Walkway

Most recommended spots for hiking are usually places of nature so let us take on a more unorthodox opinion and recommend Water of Leith Walkway.

Along the 19.5-kilometre river trail, you can be guaranteed to have all the experiences you would find on a run-of-the-mill hike and more.

Furthermore, for those of you who are strapped for time, you can even cut down the hike to just the section starting in Stockbridge.

The village, Dean Village, found in the town might be tiny but the history of it really packs a punch.

2. Behold the picturesque views: Aonach Eagach Ridge, Glen Coe

Glen Coe offers one of the famous scenes boasting a glorious mountainous valley found at the foot of the Highlands.

In contrast to the above, if you want to get away from people and infrastructures, this place is your next destination to find serenity.

From Glen Coe, you can either proceed southwards to Glen Etive or surmount Aonach Eagach Ridge.

However, we only recommend the latter for more experienced hikers as it can border on perilous with its infamous drops.

3. Lose yourself away from the hustle and bustle: Goat Fell on the Isle of Arran

If you are not in the mood to climb but still want some time away from the bustle of civilization, the Isle of Arran is a good place.

Lying in between Edinburgh and Glasgow, it is sure to provide you with the solace of isolation from other people.

Aside from that, if you tend to enjoy good scenery, the highest point in Goat Fell is at over 2,800 feet, which will surely satiate that desire.

4. Reforge familial bonds through trials and tribulations: The Chain Walk, Elie, Fife

Do you find that you are spending too much time away from the family and are looking for a way for the family to reconnect once again?

Well, let Fife be the platform that helps you achieve that.

While well known as an area of traditional fishing villages, it is also on many families’ itinerary.

However, it’s best if the kids in your family are teenagers or older.

We do not recommend this trail for young children as the path that you will venture on is rather risky.

It will be hanging above waves crashing against the rocks.

So, consider yourself warned, but after crossing this hurdle as a family, you will be able to form a shared experience!

5. Going back to Mother Nature: Moray Coastal Trail

If you love the beach, you will love Moray.

There is a trail which coasts along the beach spanning across 72 kilometres.

Along the way, there are also many unique creations of nature in the shape of different variations of rock formations.

This is also a great location for animal lovers as moving further down, you will discover the coastal reserve of Spey Bay.

The place is renowned for Earth’s very own cute sea critter, the bottlenose dolphins.

So if you want to find a place to regain a part of nature, try this route!

6. Let it take your breath away: Isle of Skye

This place will literally take your breath away because instead of just hiking, you can swim as well.

The place boasts a crystal clear lake with beautiful waterfalls cascading down the rock formations.

The place is truly magical thus earning its name as the Fairy Pools.

You can even take the swimming part as a way to cool down and wind down after hiking the Cuillin mountain range as the Fairy Pools are located right below Black Cuillin.

So, you get double the fun and adventure in a single place.

7. Pack enough underwear for days: The West Highland Way

Unlike the rest of the other recommendations that can usually be done within the break of day, this trek will take significantly more time.

So be prepared to be in for the long haul as this adventure can last a few days.

It is a 154-kilometre route that will start off in Milngavie and ends at Glen Coe valley which is also recommended in this listicle.

So, with this journey, you can kill two birds with one stone.

This is a popular camping trip for friends and families alike, although it is not as isolated from civilization as one might hope.

There will be accommodations available along the route but be sure to book early as the slots fill up quickly during peak seasons.

So, if this is the place for you, grab your camping buddies and start booking soon!

8. Only for the strongest and the boldest: Cape Wrath Trail

This is definitely not for the weak-hearted and inexperienced.

Most trails as we know them are marked and there are clear paths set out from hikers repeatedly going through them.

This place, however, is a make-your-own-adventure kind of place.

You would need to pack more underwear for this trip as well compared to the above West Highland Way as the route is 350 kilometres long.

So, if you are someone who has been hiking for a long time and is honestly bored with always following set routes and seeing the same scenery as everyone else, Cape Wrath is calling out to you. Discover your own unique angle and route here!


The above hiking trails are some of the best of what Scotland has to offer, however, it is not limited to only these 8 destinations. Use this listicle to create your own adventure!


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