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Campfire Nachos

Andy can still remember where I learnt to cook Nachos this way but the recipe is one Louise did one evening, as they had ran out of Salsa.

So in our local area, at the wood ran by the local council you can have kids parties there and they teach them some outdoor skills. Its pretty cool, and Corey went to a party there around 3 years ago.


Ingredients for 4

If there are more of less of you, just alter the numbers to match. While its enough for 4, sometimes it just the two of us which shares the whole bag.

Cooking Steps

This can be done over a campfire, or alternatively sometimes we camp next to my parents in their caravan and we use their microwave. The method I will describe below is for a campfire, but the big difference is swapping tin foil for a microwaveable plate.

  1. Lay out the tin foil and spread the tortilla chips around in a single layer
  2. Add the onion, pepper, and sprinkle half the chilli sauce with half the cheese
  3. Add the rest of the tortilla chips spread across the top
  4. Add the remaining sweet chilli sauce and cheese
  5. Scrunch the foil up and around leaving a chimney at the top 
  6. Place on a fire and leave to cheese is melted (about 10 – 15 minutes, but keep checking)
  7. Open up and serve

These are a great snack on an evening sat around a campfire and one which can be shared and doesn’t require much prep work.



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