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Top 11 Attractions for Campers in the Peak Distric

When camping in the Peak District National Park, you’re in for a treat with a myriad of attractions right at your doorstep.

This guide is tailored for those who love to pitch tents and embark on hiking adventures, highlighting 11 must-visit spots that are perfect for exploring during your camping trip in this stunning region.

1. Lyme Hall and Lyme Park, Cheshire

Set up your tent near Lyme Park and step into the world of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ at Lyme Hall.

This grand estate, surrounded by gardens, moorlands, and a deer park, offers a variety of walking trails.

It’s a perfect spot for a day out, with opportunities for hiking and exploring the scenic outdoors.

2. Kinder Scout, Derbyshire

For the hiking enthusiasts, Kinder Scout presents a challenging yet rewarding experience.

It’s the highest point in the Peak District and offers rugged terrain and breathtaking views.

After a day’s hike, returning to your tent under the starlit sky is an experience in itself.

3. Chatsworth House, Derbyshire

chatsworth house, derbyshire, peak district-4476950.jpg

A short drive from many camping spots, Chatsworth House is a must-see.

This magnificent estate, with its art-rich interiors and sprawling gardens, is perfect for a family day out.

The farmyard and playground are great for kids, making it a well-rounded visit.

4. Monsal Trail, Derbyshire

Ideal for both walking and cycling, the Monsal Trail offers stunning views and a tranquil escape into nature.

It’s a great way to spend a day outside your tent, exploring the natural beauty of the Peak District.

5. Castleton Caverns, Derbyshire

Explore the underground wonders of Castleton Caverns, a collection of four caves including the Blue John Cavern and Treak Cliff Cavern.

These caves offer a unique underground adventure, perfect for a day trip from your campsite.

The natural formations and mining history make for an intriguing visit, especially for those interested in geology.

6. Stanage Edge, Derbyshire

For climbers and hikers, Stanage Edge is a dream destination.

Its rugged cliffs provide a dramatic backdrop for climbing and hiking, making it a favourite among outdoor enthusiasts.

The views from the top are spectacular, offering a perfect photo opportunity for those camping in the area.

7. Haddon Hall, Derbyshire

haddon hall, long gallery, medieval-3723518.jpg

A short drive from many campsites, Haddon Hall is a beautifully preserved medieval manor house.

Explore its ancient banqueting hall, chapel, and gardens, and step back in time.

The hall’s history and architecture make it a fascinating visit for those interested in England’s past.

8. Ladybower Reservoir, Derbyshire

ladybower, reservoir, derwent-3129656.jpg

Ladybower Reservoir is an ideal spot for a peaceful day out.

Surrounded by woodlands and hills, it’s perfect for leisurely walks, picnics, and enjoying the tranquility of water and nature.

It’s a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

9. Ridge Walk Mam Tor to Losehill, Derbyshire

This scenic trail offers spectacular views and a chance to explore the diverse landscapes of the Peak District.

It’s an excellent hiking route, providing a panoramic vista of the surrounding valleys and hills.

10. Speedwell Cavern, Derbyshire

Experience an underground boat tour along a canal in this unique cavern.

The tour includes the Bottomless Pit and provides an exciting adventure for families and groups camping in the area.

11. Eyam Museum, Derbyshire

Dive into the history of the Peak District at Eyam Museum.

It tells the story of Eyam’s role during the plague and offers insights into local geology and industry.

This small yet informative museum is a must-visit for history buffs camping in the area.


Each of these attractions in the Peak District National Park offers a unique experience, from the grandeur of historic estates to the natural beauty of caves and trails.

They collectively provide a comprehensive and unforgettable exploration of one of the UK’s most cherished landscapes, perfect for those with tents and a passion for hiking and the outdoors.


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