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Lincolnshire Lanes Campsite Review

Lincolnshire Lanes campsite Review

So we stayed at Lincolnshire Lanes campsite for four nights this August and have to say it’s one of the best family campsites we have visited. From the moment you arrive its a relaxed atmosphere all about you having a great holiday.

night time view of field at Lincolnshire Lanes campsite

The Site

So arriving on the site is super chilled, you drive down the lane and on the left hand side is a board with pitches numbers and your name, simply pitch and go and pay when reception is open. 

The site is a working farm but also a forest offering glamping in the forest as well as two large fields for camping. 

Within the reception there is a small shop (but hours are limited to 30 mins in the morning and evening) and a two separate toilet blocks, one male and female. These are small, three cubicles in the men and one urinal and two showers. If the site was full there might have been an issue.




One park and an area which is left free with a couple of goal nets. We arrived on Thursday and around 5ish the old man who runs the site started a kick around in one of the goals with his grandson and my two boys joined in. Then a couple more and the site manager left them to open the store and before you knew it you had about 20 kids playing football. No ref, no pitch marking, just kids doing what they do best, make friends and have fun. The game went on for a while and while some joined, others left to get food etc the game finally ended at 9:55. In fact it was so dark it took someone to bring a huge lamp out so the kids could carry on.

A site doesn’t need huge ‘arcades’ or ‘games rooms’ to get kids having fun. A few goal nets or park and they will play together. Its why we love these types of sites.

There was also a games hut for the kids to play in, for when the rain does arrive. It had a few little games in.

We also ‘hired’ some draught pieces (made from a tree branch) and taught the kids how to play as well as letting them play with other kids on the site.

Also within the woods is a “Den Making area” – while there is some paid for activities in the den, when that’s not in use, you can use and teach your kids how to make dens and shelters.

BBQ’s and Fires

The site does allow BBQ’s it does provide some bricks to keep them off the ground so that you don’t damage the grass.

Usually the site allows camp fires, but due to the extreme heat and lack of rain we have had recently ( a sensible decision), they took the sensible decision to ban them, maybe next year but it was too hot anyway to have a campfire.

Are Dogs Allowed?

The site is dog friendly, they just charge £1 per dog per night for them to stay.

Due to being in a farm, in the middle of nowhere basically star gazing is amazing, if the skies are cloudfree there is plenty of opportunity to see stars.

Is there Electric Hookup

The site does offer both electric and non electric pitches, it’s £5 more per night to have electric.

Accommodation Types:

The site caters for a wide range of holiday makers, whether you want to hire a login cabin in the woods, a glamping tip in the field, or even tent in the woods these can all be hired on site, but the site does also accept both tents and caravans, but all pitches are grass pitches. 

The pitches are a decent size, more than you need and no boundary markings. Just a post with a pitch number.

There are three water taps on site, two on each field and one on the gate between the two fields meaning water isn’t far away. There are a few benches you can borrow if you need to, but the site prefers at least one is left at the park so that if you are watching your children play you can have somewhere to sit.

Near by:

There isn’t a lot near by, the main shop is about 4 miles which is a Co Op supermarket, fairly small but did sell all the basics.

Mablethorpe beach is about an hour away and we did venture to it for the day, who doesn’t love going to the seaside. 

Lincoln Castle and the city of Lincoln isn’t too far away.

If you are looking for a family friendly campsite in Lincolnshire then check out lincs Lanes – it’s well worth staying at. Our only hope for the site is that it doesn’t get to commercialised as it becomes more established and that it kind of stays how it is. 


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