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how to pack more efficiently for your camping trip

How To Pack More Efficiently For Your Camping Trip

Best Packing Tips

Going camping?

There is no need to fret about over packing or underpacking for your next great camping experience. 

Sometimes it’s just a giant game of Jenga to get everything in. 

Here are some tips you can take note of so that you pack light and efficiently!

If you want to know how to pack a trailer for camping, these tips will also help.

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If you are travelling with a group of friends, you should take the opportunity to distribute the items that each person brings.

Plan carefully so that each person knows exactly what they are supposed to bring.

Such efficient planning will not only ensure that you save space and effort on your own part but also prevent overpacking or underpacking.

Choose collapsible items

In order to save space when packing, it is easier to choose collapsible items like chairs and tables.

That way, you can pack more things instead of having to cut down on other items or having to squeeze them with heavy-duty items.

What’s better is that these collapsible items are not difficult to set up, and they are durable and comfy themselves.

We stock a wide range of collapsible items from water carries to pots and pans.

Distribute weight evenly

This may not be as intuitive, but whenever you are packing things in your car or camper, you should distribute the weight evenly.

Stuffing the heavy items at the back of your car will result in stress on the chassis and thereby bending them.

You will also end up travelling uncomfortably as your car rocks back and forth due to the uneven weight distribution.

Don’t put the heavy items at one spot, but distribute them by placing them at the bottom and then placing your lighter items on top.

This way, the centre of gravity is kept down as well.

In a trailer make sure all items are spread out evenly.

Items with multiple usages

This pro tip is used by experienced backpackers and campers – bring items that can double up or triple up in its use instead of bringing an item that can only be used in one way.

For example, you could bring an axe which can be used to cut up wood as well as used as a hammer, instead of bringing a hammer and an additional axe.

You can save space as well as weight by doing so, and become more resourceful.

Know your GVM and GCM

If you’re camping using a camper trailer, then this is particularly crucial for you to know.

The Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) or Gross Combined Mass (GCM) has a legal limit to how much you can bring in your trailer.

GVM is the weight of the items that you bring in the trailer, while GCM is the total combined weight of your items and the trailer.

So while you have a lot of space in the trailer to bring along things, don’t be carried away.

Be sure to check out what the limit in your local area is and what your driving licence allows you. 

Upgrade digitally

This is not hard these days with all the technology surrounding us, even when we camp.

Opting for a digital option like ebooks can save you a lot of space and weight instead of carrying multiple physical books around.

Ebooks allow you to download them so you don’t need an internet connection to read the books you want while camping in an isolated area.

Furthermore, you can use that same device to listen to your music or take photos, so you don’t have to bring extra equipment for those purposes as well.

Digital devices are thus a great option for multi-use items.

Use your space to the fullest

Many of us don’t know how to pack well because we miss out on spaces that we might not think of.

The area under the front seats of your car can be used to stuff even more belongings like your sleeping bags.

One commonly underused area is the inside roof area, where you can store items like your clothes by using a mesh wiring to hold them without taking much of your space.

You need to learn how to be resourceful and make use of any space available so you don’t bust the boot of your car.


Another way to make use of your space to the maximum is to get organisers.

Dash organisers can help you to organize your items easily and store more things without clumping everything together such that you cannot find your items anymore.

These organisers are great for storing small items like your hat, your children’s toys, umbrellas and bottles.

What’s even better is that organisers do not weigh nor cost much.

Lastly, organisers help you to keep track of where you put your items so that you don’t lose them.

One easy mistake for campers is to pack all your items together and then not being able to find them.

Invest in storage

Storage drawers are a great way to pack your camping gear because they help to store them properly and organize them nicely.

You can then separate your perishables from your camping gear and equipment, and prevent any leakages or contamination at the same time!

You can even go for plastic storage drawers for a more lightweight option.

When you finally start your camping trip, you find that it is also much easier to find the things you need without scrambling through all your belongings, giving you peace of mind.

Bring less food

We all make the mistake of bringing more food than necessary when going camping because we can get a little bit too excited sometimes.

But how often do we actually eat the food we bring instead of going to the dine-in restaurants available at campsites?

The food goes to waste while you waste space at the same time by bringing them along.

If you are going to bring food, then be disciplined to resist the temptation to eat out and eat your own food instead!

In addition, we need to pack food smarter by placing them in vacuum-sealed bags instead of using the same huge packaging from the mart that we bought the food from.

Furthermore, you can premake your meals at home so that you can easily prepare them at the campsite without taking up a lot of space.


We sometimes now don’t take any food, we sometimes get Sainsburys or Tescos to deliver an order to our campsite.

If this is not possible, we look in advance to where the nearest supermarket is and I just go and do a big shop once the campsite is set up.

With these tips, you no longer have to worry every time you are packing for a camping trip.

Pack smart and efficient so that your camping experience will be enhanced to the fullest!

Let us know in the comments your little hacks for packing more into your car.


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