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The steel wire peg is one of the most versatile tent pegs available and it is always good to have a few of these in your camping kits.

These pegs are a good length at 9″, and are lightweight as well.

The steel wire peg is a good choice for anyone camping on softer or grassier camping ground.

These are tent pages that require little effort to push them into the right type of ground.

The rounded head makes removing these pegs from the ground child’s play when it comes to packing up your tent.

The straight design makes cleaning any mud of these pegs a simple task.

Then, all you need to do is pack them away and they are perfect for use another time.

They are a sturdy and durable option, and come in large packs so there you should always have a few spare.


COLOUR: Metallic

SIZE: 9 Inch

DIMENSIONS: 9 Inch/21.5cm

Steel Wire 21.5cm Tent Pegs


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Steel Wire 21.5cm Tent Pegs

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Strong and durable wire peg with hook.

Pack of 100