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This tent peg has a twisted design to allow for more grip in the soil or tough terrain. The hook holds the guy line and makes it easier to remove from ground.

COLOUR: Metallic

SIZE: 7 Inch

DIMENSIONS: 7 Inch /18cm

7 Inch Steel Twisted Peg


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7 Inch Steel Twisted Peg

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Tough terrain demands a tough tent peg.

If you are tired of damaging your tent pegs trying to pitch your tent on rougher terrain or struggling to get them to grip in the soil, then the steel twisted peg could be just what you need.

This traditionally-shaped tent peg has a hooked top which makes it a practical choice for a guy rope. It is easily to remove from the ground thanks to its simple design, but sturdy enough to stay put thanks to the twists that help to anchor it into the ground.

The 7″ Steel Twisted peg comes in a pack of 10 and makes a good addition to any camping equipment that a fully prepared camper may want to have, whether they are camping in the wild or staying on an organised campsite with friends.