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The flat angle shape allows them to be inserted into the ground more easily and results in a stronger peg.

COLOUR: Metallic

SIZE: 7 Inch

DIMENSIONS: 7 Inch/18cm

7" Steel Angle Peg


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7" Steel Angle Peg

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Choosing the right tent peg for your needs,

the type of camping you will be doing and even the weather you are planning to be camping in is vitally important.

There is nothing worse than having to re-secure some of your pegs in the rain because they have come loose.

The 7″ Steel Angle peg  is a flat angle peg which benefits from an extra hook, which offers additional purchase when used on many types of ground.

They are flat and angled, which also allows for them to be driven into the ground more easily than some other pegs on the market and this gives a much stronger result.

The pegs are a good length at 7″, 18cm and come in packs of 6, making them a good addition to any camping kit.

At just under 300g a pack they are not too heavy to add to your backpack just in case.