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If you enjoy trekking or backpacking, then when it comes to packing you will understand just how important it is that everything you take on your adventure is not only compact but also as light as possible.

The Trek Lite S is the perfect ultra-lightweight sleeping mat that is ideal for this.

This self-inflating mat is shorter in length measuring just 120cm x 51cm, and is a good thickness measuring 3cm.

This mat which is available in a red – grey colour way offers a very comfortable night’s sleep.

Because packing things down small is also important when you are backpacking, there are 2 elastic straps included with the mat which can help you do just this.

Should you need it, there is also a repair kit included with the Trek Lite S which may come in handy when you are on your adventures and far from any camping shops.

The Trek Lite is an ultra lightweight short length self inflating mat.

Ideal for hiking and trekking use.

Plastic valve.

COLOUR: Red-Grey

PACK SIZE: Small: 14cm x 26cm Large: 16cm x 27.5cm

SIZE: 120cm (L)

DIMENSIONS Small: 120cm x 51cm x 3cm

DIMENSIONS Large: 183cm x 151cm x 3cm

FILLING: 18-20kg/m³ open cell foam

INCLUDES: Repair kit, 2x elastic storage straps


Small, Large


SM107-R.G, SM108-R.G

Trek Lite Self-Inflate Mat: Perfect for Trekking & Backpacking


🏕️ Trek Lite Self-Inflate Mat: Your Lightweight Sleeping Solution! 🏕️

Hey, Trekkers and Backpackers! Looking for a sleeping mat that’s as adventurous as you are? The Trek Lite Self-Inflate Mat is designed for those who value comfort without the bulk!

🌟 Ultra Lightweight & Compact: Weighing next to nothing and measuring just 120cm x 51cm, this mat is a dream for anyone looking to save space and weight. It’s 3cm thick, providing a comfortable cushion between you and the ground.

💨 Self-Inflating for Ease: Simply unroll and watch it inflate! The mat self-inflates, saving you time and effort at the end of a long day of trekking.

🔧 Durable & Practical:

  • Colour: Red-Grey
  • Includes a repair kit for any unexpected punctures
  • 2 elastic straps for easy storage and transportation

🎒 Ideal for Trekking & Backpacking: Its compact size and lightweight design make it perfect for fitting into your backpack without taking up much space.

🌲 Comfort in the Wild: Whether you’re hiking through mountains or camping under the stars, the Trek Lite Self-Inflate Mat offers a comfortable night’s sleep, ensuring you’re refreshed for the next day’s adventure.

So, are you ready to enhance your outdoor sleeping experience? Get the Trek Lite Self-Inflate Mat from and enjoy a good night’s sleep wherever your adventures take you.

Order now and sleep comfortably under the stars! 🛒🌙🏕️



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Trek Lite, S SM107-R.GTrek Lite Self-Inflate Mat: Perfect for Trekking & Backpacking
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