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Camper Sleeping Mat


0 7cm thick compact foam mat

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One item that is worth investing in for camping, whether you are staying in one campsite or moving around, is a sleeping mat.

Many people believe that the only benefit of a sleeping mat is the comfort that they can offer whilst sleeping, and while this is certainly a consideration, they are also very good at helping to provide insulation under a sleeping bag.

Even when the weather has been very warm during the day, it can get surprisingly damp and chilly overnight.

This 7mm thick camping mat is the ideal solution that can help you get a good night’s sleep when camping.

At 180cm x 50cm x 0.7cm it is a good size and ideal for taller campers.

It is made from XPE foam, and when not in use can be rolled up for easy transportation. While it might not fit in your backpack it is light enough to roll up and strap to the bottom.

A 3 season 7mm thick camper mat made from XPE foam.


SIZE: 180 (L)

DIMENSIONS: 180cm x 50cm x 0.7cm


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