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Discover Yorkshire’s Coastal Gems: The Top 15 Beaches for Campers

Yorkshire, with its rugged cliffs, picturesque coves, and expansive golden sands, is a haven for campers seeking the perfect beach getaway.

Whether you’re pitching a tent or parking a caravan, the Yorkshire coast offers a diverse array of beaches to suit every taste.

From family-friendly shores with plenty of activities to serene spots ideal for a peaceful retreat, here are the 15 best beaches in Yorkshire that promise memorable seaside adventures.

1. Sandsend Beach

Reason to Visit: Ideal for Surfing and Fishing

Sandsend Beach, stretching towards Whitby, is a surfer’s paradise and a prime spot for fishing enthusiasts.

Its long sandy expanse is perfect for those looking to catch a wave or simply enjoy a leisurely stroll along the shore.

The quaint fishing village nearby adds to the charm, making it a must-visit for a day of seaside fun.

2. Runswick Bay

Reason to Visit: Scenic Beauty and Tranquility

Awarded ‘Beach of the Year’ by The Times, Runswick Bay is a picturesque haven with its smooth sands and stunning coastal views.

The bay’s tranquil atmosphere is complemented by charming fishing cottages and an array of rock pools, making it an idyllic spot for couples and families alike.

3. Robin Hood’s Bay Beach

Reason to Visit: Fossil Hunting and Dog Walking

The beach at Robin Hood’s Bay is renowned for its natural beauty and is a favourite for fossil hunters and dog walkers.

Its small sandy beach offers sweeping views across the Yorkshire Coast, making it a popular summer destination for those seeking a mix of adventure and relaxation.

4. Whitby Beach

Reason to Visit: Rich History and Donkey Rides

Whitby Beach, with its historic West Pier and Tate Hill, offers a diverse beach experience.

West Cliff’s large sandy beach is famous for colourful beach huts and traditional donkey rides, while Tate Hill provides a more sheltered, dog-friendly option.

Whitby’s rich local history and vibrant culinary scene add to its appeal.

5. Saltburn Beach

Reason to Visit: Victorian Charm and Family Fun

Saltburn Beach is celebrated for its Victorian heritage, including a water-powered cliff tramway.

It’s a family-friendly beach that caters to surfers and those looking for a leisurely day out.

The beach’s amenities and picturesque setting make it a top choice for visitors.

6. Scarborough South Bay Beach

Reason to Visit: Classic Seaside Atmosphere

Scarborough South Bay is the epitome of a lively British seaside beach, surrounded by restaurants, amusements, and ice cream parlours.

Its large sandy beach is perfect for those seeking a vibrant day out, complete with fresh seafood and classic seaside fun.

7. Filey Beach

Reason to Visit: Expansive Sands and Edwardian Elegance

Filey Beach is known for its 5-mile stretch of golden sand, historic promenade, and stunning Edwardian architecture.

It’s an ideal destination for families, offering activities like rock pooling and kite flying against a backdrop of scenic beauty.

8. North Landing Flamborough Beach

Reason to Visit: Wildlife Exploration and Rock Pools

This small, picturesque beach is nestled in a natural cove within the Flamborough headland.

Its mix of soft sand and pebbles, along with the low tide rock pools, make it a fantastic spot for marine wildlife exploration and a peaceful day by the sea.

9. Cayton Bay

Reason to Visit: Surfing and Natural Beauty

Cayton Bay, located between Scarborough and Filey, offers a quieter beach experience.

It’s a favourite among surfers for its excellent waves and is also popular with bird watchers and fossil hunters, thanks to its large stretch of sand and natural points of interest.

10. Saltwick Bay

Reason to Visit: Historical Interest and Ammonite Hunting

Just a mile east of Whitby, Saltwick Bay is a beautifully sculpted bay known for its rich history, including ammonite fossils and Whitby Jet.

The bay’s stunning views and geological features make it a fascinating destination for history buffs and nature lovers.

11. Mappleton Beach

Reason to Visit: Seclusion and Space for Activities

Mappleton Beach, located in the East Yorkshire village of Mappleton, offers a wide expanse of sand ideal for families and those seeking a quieter beach experience.

Its vast space is perfect for beach activities, and even during the holiday season, Mappleton maintains a serene atmosphere, making it a hidden gem for a peaceful day out.

12. Thornwick Bay

Reason to Visit: Dramatic Landscapes and Exploration

Thornwick Bay, set on the Flamborough headland, is known for its rocky shores, sea caves, and stunning natural arch.

The beach’s dramatic cliffs and rock pools make it an explorer’s paradise, offering picturesque views and a chance to discover the rugged beauty of Yorkshire’s coastline.

13. Danes Dyke Beach

Reason to Visit: Tranquility and Fossil Hunting

Danes Dyke Beach is a serene spot nestled on the southern side of the Flamborough headland.

This quiet beach, surrounded by white cliffs and a mix of sand and pebbles, is a nature reserve that offers a treasure trove for fossil hunters and a peaceful retreat from the more popular seaside towns.

14. Bridlington Beach

Reason to Visit: Classic Seaside Fun and Promenade Walks

Bridlington, with its two large sandy beaches divided by a bustling harbour, is a traditional British seaside town.

South Beach is known for its mile-long stretch of golden sand, beach huts, and the Princess Mary Promenade, offering classic seaside activities and attractive walks.

North Beach provides a quieter spot to relax and enjoy the lively atmosphere of Bridlington.

15. Marske Sands

Reason to Visit: Water Sports and Panoramic Views

Marske Sands in Marske-by-the-Sea is a gently sloping sandy beach nestled between Redcar and Saltburn.

Ideal for water sports enthusiasts, the beach’s waters are perfect for swimming, surfing, and paddling.

With wide open spaces and stunning views across the North Sea, Marske Sands offers a refreshing day out for all visitors.

Yorkshire’s coastline is a mosaic of breathtaking beaches, each with its own character and charm.

From the family-friendly shores of Filey and the surfing haven of Saltburn to the tranquil retreats of Mappleton and Danes Dyke, there’s a beach in Yorkshire to suit every camper’s preference.

Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or a bit of both, these coastal gems provide the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable camping experience.

So pack your tent, grab your beach towel, and set off to explore the stunning beaches of Yorkshire, where natural beauty, history, and culture blend seamlessly with the salty sea air.


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