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Top 20 Tips For The Avid But Forgetful Camper

Top 20 Tips For The Avid But Forgetful Camper

This is for all those of you who love the outdoors and live to breathe in it!

We have noted the many issues faced by campers when they are out and about in the woods, only to realise you might have forgotten to bring something important. We have all been there, we have all done that.

So, we decided to compile a list of hacks that will cover your camping trip from A to Z to ensure that you never have to sit with your hands on your temple regretting why you never thought to bring something! 

1. Make your own pillow

Well, you might be wondering why a seasoned camper would need a pillow but trust us, whether you are seasoned or new to this, you will appreciate a good pillow.

You will not even need to pack extra, all you need is to pack in a pillowcase to stuff it with your clothes when you get there.

2. Make your own lantern

Space is a common issue when it comes to packing for a camping trip so, instead of packing in a bulky lantern, use your headlamp.

Another thing you will need is a clear water bottle, attach the headlamp with the bulb facing inwards at the bottom of the bottle and there you have it.

A makeshift but usable lantern!

3. Make your own meals

Of course, when you go camping, you make your own meals but that is not what we mean.

Prep this meal at home before the trip.

It saves up a lot of time and effort at the site.

You can either create the full meal at home or simply prepare the ingredients so that it is much easier for you later on!

4. Make your own spice containers

Again, if you are cooking there, bring along some spices in a Tic Tac container.

Your tastebuds will thank you!

5. Make your own kindling

Doubling up as a snack and a starter is a bag of Doritos.

They can easily get lighted on fire because of their oiliness which honestly really speaks about how healthy they can be but hey, we are camping outside.

Consider that exercise!

6. Make your own espresso

For the caffeine addicts, get yourself a portable hand-held espresso machine.

7. Make your own mini soap bar

Use a vegetable peeler to scrape mini soap bars off a bigger one.

Saves space and the hassle!

8. Make your own mosquito repellent

One of the most common problems faced during camping, fending off the bloodsuckers.

Simply add some sage to your campfire, they are natural repellents!

9. Make your own heater

The key is HotHands air-activated warmers at the foot of your sleeping bag and you will snuggle right in on a chilly night.

10. Make your own firestarter

If you are health conscious and do not want Doritos (other crisp brands available), there are always trick birthday candles!

If you did not manage to use it on your friend during the last birthday party, it will surely prove beneficial during this camping trip!

11. Bring Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap

If you want a 10-in-1 use of soap, get Dr. Bronner’s as it functions from shampoo to mouthwash to dish soap.

Truly a versatile product that also keeps the environment in mind.

12. Bring microfiber towels

Not only are they lightweight, but they are also highly absorbent.

Did we also mention they dry really fast?

Good for wiping off sweat and also after you wash your cookware.

Microfiber Towels

13. Bring compact cooking sets

It is just as its name implies.

It helps you save space because you can easily stack it up when you need to pack it in and when you need to use it, it might almost seem as if you never left your house’s kitchen!

14. Bring block ice

It might seem heavier but it is more or less around the same weight, the difference is that block ice takes longer to melt.

This means that you can bring less ice which might actually mean it will be much lighter. You could bring individual ice cubes too for those of you who love a drink with them.

You can keep them together in the cooler bag with the block of ice!

15. Bring contact lens cases

Use these contact lens cases to store liquids in small amounts.

This can be things like facial wash, lotion, and more.

These definitely help to save space in the camping bag for other essential stuff.

16. Bring silica gel packs

Please do not eat them.

They can be used to prevent rust by absorbing excess moisture on your cookware so you can store them in your bag with peace of mind.

They become especially indispensable in humid weather.

17. Bring old newspaper

If you have old newspapers lying around it would be good to bring some along especially if you are camping along water bodies.

If your shoes get wet, simply stuff a few crumpled newspapers inside overnight. Good as new!

18. Bring candle wax

This is for the seasoned campers who have been using their camping gears for an extended period of time.

Do you experience some difficulty with the zips of older equipment?

We do and we found a solution for it. Use candle wax to lube them up and they will slide along like they did the first day you bought them!

19. Bring a bottle of eggs

Sounds weird?

Yes, but you will understand if you are a scrambled egg junkie.

This is similar to prepping ingredients beforehand and especially for eggs, you really save up a lot of hassle!

20. Check off your checklist

This is the most foolproof tip to make sure you bring everything you need. It always helps with packing situations, especially for the smaller items like lighters and utensils. You do not even have to put in excessive effort to make the list as we have created one for you. 


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