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Strong and durable wire peg with hook.

COLOUR: Metallic

SIZE: 9 Inch

DIMENSIONS: 9 Inch /21.5cm x 7.6mm (diameter)

9 Inch Heavy Duty Wire Steel Peg


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9 Inch Heavy Duty Wire Steel Peg

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Whether you are camping with a small tent or large tent, with friends or on your own, one thing that it is important to remember is that the right tent peg can make all the difference when it comes to pitching your tent.

These heavy-duty 9″ wire steel pegs are perfect for most scenarios you will encounter.

They are durable and strong with a hooked end which makes them a practical choice for guy ropes.

And, of course, they are easy to remove from the ground when it comes to putting your tent away.

At 9″ in length, they are a good size and offer a good amount of purchase in the ground to help your tent stay put.

They come in packs of 4 and can make a very good addition to any camping kit. In addition, they are small enough to pack into your backpack for any outdoor adventure.