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Rough and rocky terrain can often pose something of a problem for campers.

The right type of tent peg is absolutely essential and that means pegs that have been specifically designed for driving into rockier ground.

These extra long rock pegs are perfect for the job.

They are very strong and durable, and at 10 inches they have been designed to help you pitch your tent securely when the ground is harder.

These pegs, which come in packs of 4, are a great addition to any essential camping it that you might want to invest in.

And, while they may not be as lightweight as some of the other pegs on the market, they are certainly worth packing in your backpack, especially if you have no idea what type of ground you are likely to encounter on your adventures.

After all, it is always better to be prepared.

COLOUR: Metallic

SIZE: 10 Inch

DIMENSIONS: 10″/25cm

Extra long strong pegs for hard ground.

Pack of 4 rock pegs.



25.4cm (10″) Rock Peg: Perfect for Rocky & Hard Grounds

Original price was: £4.99.Current price is: £4.29.

Availability: 1 in stock

🏕️ 25.4cm (10″) Rock Peg: Your Solution for Rocky Terrains! 🏕️

Hey, Campers! Facing the challenge of pitching your tent on rocky or hard ground? The 25.4cm (10″) Rock Peg is designed to make your camping experience hassle-free, even in the toughest terrains!

🌟 Extra-Long & Strong: These rock pegs are extra-long at 10 inches, providing deep anchorage and stability for your tent. Made to withstand the rigors of rocky ground, they are both strong and durable.

🔨 Designed for Hard Ground: Specifically crafted for driving into rockier and harder grounds, these pegs ensure that your tent remains securely pitched, no matter the surface.

📏 Pack & Dimensions:

  • Pack of 4 pegs
  • Dimensions: 10″/25.4cm
  • Colour: Metallic

🎒 Essential Camping Gear: While they may not be as lightweight as some other pegs, their strength and effectiveness make them a valuable addition to your camping kit, especially for unpredictable terrains.

🌲 Versatile Use: Whether you’re an adventurous camper exploring various landscapes or you find yourself in unexpected rocky sites, these pegs are a must-have for reliable tent setup.

So, are you ready to tackle any camping terrain with confidence? Get the 25.4cm (10″) Rock Peg from and enjoy a secure and stable camping experience, wherever you go.

Order now and be prepared for any ground condition! 🛒🏕️🔨

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25.4cm 10 Rock pegs CS32825.4cm (10″) Rock Peg: Perfect for Rocky & Hard Grounds
Original price was: £4.99.Current price is: £4.29.

Availability: 1 in stock

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