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When it comes to sleeping mats, some people prefer something a little thicker than a simple foam mat that can be rolled out.

This means choosing something more like this double base mat which is a self-inflating mat and measures 3cm in thickness when fully inflated.

This is an entry level option and is the ideal solution for campers who are on a budget but would still like some comfort.

This blue mat measures 183cm x 132cm and is 3cm in thickness.

It benefits from an open cell foam structure.

Not only will it offer you a comfortable night’s sleep, but will also aide with insulation.

The mat can be compacted down for transportation and secured with the two elastic storage straps that are included.

Because inflatables can sometimes develop a puncture, a handy repair kit is also included, so if the worst should happen you should be able to repair your mattress quickly and efficiently.




SIZE: 183cm (L)

MATERIAL: 75D polyester with PVC coating

DIMENSIONS Large: 183cm x 51cm x 3cm

DIMENSIONS Double: 183cm x 132cm x 3cm

PACK SIZE: 26cm x 18cm x 18cm

FILLING: 18-20kg/m³ open cell foam

INCLUDES: Repair kit

Additional information


Large, Double

Highlander Base Self Inflate Mat



Highlander Base Self Inflate Mat

QUICK INFLATE – The cyclone value pulls air in quickly to inflate the mat in minutes.

KEEP WARM – This mat is suitable for three season camping, with 3cm of insulating foam raising you off the ground.

TRAVEL READY – The BASE mat weights only 1.1kg and fits into its own stuff sack with elastic holding straps.

LONG LASTING – The BASE comes with a repair kit so if you get really unlucky with a puncture on your trip, it’s easy to fix.

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