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You might think of a pillow as something of a luxury item that you can’t take camping because you simply don’t have the space in your backpack.

Fortunately, the BASE pillow is the ideal solution to this camping dilemma.

This self-inflating pillow weights just 150g and folds down to 22cm x 6cm x 6cm so will certainly fit into your backpack.

The pillow comes with a repair kit, just in case, and is also washable, which is perfect if your camping trip is in the wilds and doesn’t involve the luxury of daily showers.

The BASE is a soft but incredibly sturdy pillow that offers a real alternative to those campers who need a pillow but prefer not to use a pile of folded up clothes.

When inflated, the pillow is 40cm x 20cm x 5cm which is not a good size when it comes to travel pillows.




SIZE: 40cm (W)

MATERIAL: 75D polyester with PVC coating

DIMENSIONS: 40cm x 20cm x 5cm

PACK SIZE: 22cm x 6cm x 6cm

FILLING: 18-20kg/m³ open cell foam

INCLUDES: Repair kit

Base Self Inflate Pillow


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Base Self Inflate Pillow

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Self-inflating pillow

COMPACT – Our BASE pillow weighs a mere 150g and is highly compact, with a pack size of only 22cm x 6cm x 6cm so it’ll take up hardly any room.

DURABLE – The BASE comes with a puncture repair kit, so if you get really unlucky with a puncture on your trip, it’s easily fixed.

EASY CLEAN – The pillow is washable, perfect after a few days or weeks in the outdoors.