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9 Best Castles to Visit in Shropshire

Shropshire, a county steeped in history and dotted with picturesque landscapes, is a haven for castle enthusiasts and history buffs.

This region, with its rich tapestry of historical events, offers an array of castles, each with its unique story.

Whether you’re planning a family camping trip with large air tents or looking for campsites in Shropshire, these castles are must-visit destinations.

Stokesay Castle

Stokesay Castle, a remarkably well-preserved medieval manor house, stands as a testament to England’s historical grandeur.

Built in the late 13th century by Laurence of Ludlow, one of the wealthiest men of his time, the castle is a treasure trove of history.

Visitors can explore the stunning great hall, unchanged since 1291, and admire the intricate carvings and medieval timber structure.

The surrounding countryside adds to its charm, making it a perfect spot for history enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

Powis Castle

Powis Castle, near Welshpool, is a medieval fortress that houses an extraordinary collection of artefacts, textiles, and treasures from India, along with tapestries and weapons from the 17th to 19th centuries.

The castle’s gardens are a horticultural masterpiece, with terraces, statues, and an orangery, reflecting French and Italian influences.

The castle’s history, coupled with its stunning architecture and breathtaking gardens, offers a full-day experience for visitors.

Ludlow Castle

Ludlow Castle, set in the heart of the market town of Ludlow, is a fabulous medieval ruin offering panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

The castle’s grounds reveal the lives of kings, queens, and nobility of medieval society. Inside, the remnants of fireplaces and doorways evoke images of its past splendour.

The castle’s blend of historical significance and natural beauty makes it a compelling visit for anyone exploring Shropshire.

Shrewsbury Castle

Shrewsbury Castle, a striking red sandstone structure, was built in 1070 on an Anglo-Saxon fortification site.

It houses the Regimental Museum, showcasing a vast collection of military memorabilia.

The castle’s small size belies its historical importance, and its gardens are a delight, especially in spring and summer.

The view from Laura’s Tower is a highlight, offering a scenic panorama of Shropshire.

Whittington Castle

Whittington Castle, near Oswestry, is a ruin steeped in history, romance, and legend.

Dating back to 1222, the castle is known for its ghostly sightings and tales of warfare.

Despite its haunted reputation, the castle’s tranquil setting, with swans and ducks on the moat, offers a peaceful retreat.

The free entry makes it an accessible option for visitors interested in the paranormal or seeking a serene historical site.

Clun Castle

Clun Castle, a Grade I-listed Norman fortress, dates back to the 11th century.

It played a crucial role in defence against Welsh attacks.

The ruins of Clun Castle, set against the backdrop of the Shropshire countryside, offer a glimpse into the region’s turbulent past.

The castle’s strategic importance and the beauty of its ruins make it a fascinating stop for history enthusiasts.

Moreton Corbet Castle

Moreton Corbet Castle, with its blend of medieval and Elizabethan architecture, offers a unique look into England’s architectural evolution.

The oldest parts date back to the 12th century, while much of what remains is from the 16th century.

The castle’s history of building work and its picturesque ruins make it a captivating destination for those interested in architectural history and scenic beauty.

Acton Burnell Castle

Acton Burnell Castle, though a bit off the beaten path, is a hidden gem worth exploring.

This fortified manor house, now in ruins, was built in the 13th century by Bishop Burnell, Edward I’s Lord Chancellor.

The castle’s historical significance, coupled with its serene setting, makes it an ideal spot for a peaceful exploration away from the more crowded tourist sites.

Bridgnorth Castle

Bridgnorth Castle, founded in 1101-1102 by Robert de Belleme, Earl of Shrewsbury, was once a formidable fortress.

Though now largely in ruins, the castle’s tilted remains are a striking reminder of the power of historical events, particularly the damage caused during the Civil War.

The castle’s grounds offer a peaceful setting with stunning views of the Severn Valley, making it a worthwhile visit for those interested in medieval history and picturesque landscapes.

Each of these castles in Shropshire not only offers a journey into the past but also provides a scenic backdrop for memorable experiences, whether you’re camping in the region or just passing through.


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