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What Is the Most Aerodynamic Roof Boxes You Can Get?

What Is the Most Aerodynamic Roof Boxes You Can Get?

Are you considering getting a roof box for your car but are worried about how it will affect your driving?

If so, you are not alone!

While roof boxes are a great addition to increasing your car storage options, it doesn’t mean that every roof box will be the right choice for your car. 

Cars are designed carefully to have the right aerodynamics.

So you want to make sure that anything you add to your vehicle won’t change your smooth ride or slow you down. 

Trying to find what is the most aerodynamic roof boxes you can get can be tricky.

Knowing what to look for and understanding what will and won’t work is an important part of shopping for roof boxes. 

That’s why we’re here to help.

Below, we’ll answer, “what is the most aerodynamic roof boxes you can get?”

Why Get a Roof Box for Your Vehicle?

Maybe you’re on the fence about vehicle roof boxes.

After all, why do you need more storage on your car’s roof with a boot available (or even a trailer)? 

The truth is that roof boxes for roof storage are growing in popularity each year, and it’s easy to see why.

The more outdoor hobbies and activities you or you and your family enjoy, the more likely you’ll need extra space.

Sometimes your boot simply won’t cut it. 

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of roof boxes, so you can decide if getting one is really the right move for your car. 

The Pros of Having a Roof Box

  • Space, space, and more space. If you struggle with an overloaded car that is constantly disorganized, a roof box can give you the storage space you need. Get organized and have a stress-free adventure knowing that everything is in its own place, safely stored for the journey.
  • Your box is always ready. You can easily remove your roof box, but you can also leave it on whenever you like. Unlike trailers that you need to attach and affect your driving, you can install your roof box and promptly forget about it. But it’ll be ready to use whenever you need it!
  • Great for storing bulky items. Some items may fit in your trunk, but due to an odd shape, they may simply take up too much room or not sit well. With roof boxes, you can find the shape to fit just about anything you need to store. So don’t worry about playing Tetris with your suitcases and sports equipment, musical instruments, and more.
  • Keep your things safe. Maybe your things fit in the car or trailer, but rolling around could damage the items themselves or your other belongings. But keeping them safely stored away, your belongings will arrive at your destination in the same condition as when you packed.

The Cons of a Roof Box

  • Roof boxes can affect fuel efficiency While extra weight can change your miles per gallon, purchasing an aerodynamic roof box will create less drag and limit the effect on your gas mileage.
  • You need to watch out for height. If you’re traveling with your roof box to unknown places, you’ll need to be careful about going under bridges and overpasses. The roof box will make your vehicle taller. However, for smaller cars with sleek roof boxes, this shouldn’t be much of an issue.

What Are Aerodynamic Roof Boxes?

For the best cargo roof box experience, you want to know what is the most aerodynamic roof boxes you can get. This will reduce the drag on your car, allowing for a smoother ride and fewer negative effects on your gas mileage. 

All roof boxes are designed to be aerodynamic. This is a requirement for anything that would be attached to a vehicle. No cargo storage boxes will stop your car from functioning the way it should. However, different models are more aerodynamic than others. 

Here’s what you need to know about finding the most aerodynamic roof box for both optimal storage and driving. 

What Makes a Roof Box Aerodynamic?

You can often estimate how aerodynamic a roof box will be simply based on its shape and size. For example, the longer, thinner, and more tapered at the front a roof box is, the more aerodynamic it will be. 

To better understand what to look for, consider how you make aerodynamic paper airplanes. A piece of paper is, of course, flat. It’s not designed to sail through the air. There is too much drag. The more points where the air can catch, the more the object will drag in the air. This is why you’ll see a piece of paper flutter and not go far. 

But a paper airplane has a small point at the front and gets bigger toward the back. This means that there is minimal drag as it moves through the air. 

So now picture a clunky box vs. a sleek, pointed box. Which is more like the paper airplane? And which is more likely to move through the air with less drag? 

This is why you will most often see cars with roof boxes that are sleek and compact. They usually have a smaller point at the front of the car that gets bigger towards the back. 

As we said, all roof boxes are minimally aerodynamic and meet the minimum market requirements. This means that none will cause damage to your car while driving. But some are just simply clunkier or bulkier than others. 

The longer, thinner, and tapered your box is, the better your car will drive. 

What About Aerodynamic Soft Roof Cargo Boxes?

There are, of course, soft cargo boxes for the top of your car. These are made of fabric, fit almost anything you put in them, and don’t have a rigid shape. Some may worry that because it doesn’t have a constant shape, it’s less aerodynamic. 

Like we said, all roof boxes are aerodynamic, and soft ones are no exception. However, they may be less aerodynamic than a hardshell box. This is because their bulky nature and inconsistent shape are not guaranteed to be the most aerodynamic. 

We do recommend that if you’re looking for a soft roof box, find one that is still designed to be similar in shape to the most aerodynamic hardshell boxes you can get. This should be a longer, shorter model to reduce drag on the top of the car. 

You should also pack to maintain a thin shape. 

Selecting the Most Aerodynamic Cargo Boxes

So what is the most aerodynamic roof boxes you can get? When you’re shopping for your next roof box, consider the dimensions of the roof box. 

Here are the key criteria:

  • If it is a box and almost as tall as it is long, you will experience a drag on your car due to the box. Look for long and lean boxes that can store a lot without being almost as tall as your car. 
  • Look for boxes that also taper at the front. The pointed front (just like a car’s tapered front) will allow the air to easily move over the box. 
  • Your roof box should have a high capacity for your bulkiest items. However, the box itself shouldn’t be heavy. Thin, durable construction material will make all the difference. 

Once you have your roof box, don’t fill over the max loading capacity of your car. Overfilling your storage can lead to damage, put more pressure on the box and your car, and reduce the aerodynamics.  

Other Features to Look for in Your New Roof Box

Maybe all roof boxes are aerodynamic, and it comes down simply to a matter of “most aerodynamic.”

But this isn’t so for every feature for your storage box. 

There are many other features to consider that will vary wildly between cargo models. Sometimes it comes down to price.

The higher the price tag, the higher the quality.

However, other times, it’s just that you need to know what to get for car storage. 

Here are some of our top tips for your finding the perfect roof box for your next trip. 


When your cargo box isn’t in use, you’ll need to store it somewhere.

If you’ll need to store your cargo storage box in the garage or even in the car between adventures, your roof box must be compact.

This way, it doesn’t become an inconvenience for you as you seek to stuff it into your garage. 

For the most compact roof box, you should go with a soft cargo box.

These will fold flat, meaning your can store them anywhere between uses! 

Storage Space

You want the extra storage to pack up all the things you need.

Each model will vary in size.

Whether its weight capacity or the actual cubic footage space inside, there will be limits.

These limits can vary anywhere from just around 100 lbs up to an average of 165 lbs.

So there’s a model for just about anything you need to store! 

Certain models are designed to hold very specific times.

That could be kayaks, skis, or instruments. Others are made for general storage and can hold your suitcases and various equipment. 

If you have very specific items in mind, make sure your storage can handle what you need it to.


Your roof box goes through a lot. From being installed, stuffed, and hit by all kinds of weather, you need a tough box. 

When you’re comparing boxes, you don’t want to sacrifice is durability.

Make sure you have the cargo box that’s waterproof.

This way, you won’t be needing a new one every summer for your next camping trip.  

The Right Fit for Your Vehicle

Not every roof box is made for every kind of car. Your car can only support so much.

Aside from the toll on gas mileage, having oversized storage on top of your car can mean serious damage over time if used frequently. 

So if you have a smaller sedan, you’ll want a roof box shorter than your car.

The longer your car, the longer your roof box can be. 

This is also important for storing your belongings in the box.

For example, if your carload can only take 165 lbs on top, and a roof box weighs 65 lbs, you’ll really only be able to store 100 lbs in the box. 


Roof boxes don’t need to be an eyesore, so don’t settle for one. 

When selecting your roof box, pick one that you think looks good.

This way, you’ll enjoy having it on your car and be more inclined to use it.

Models often come in several styles, and each will vary in how sleek and modern they look. Find one that fits your car’s shape and color.


Not all roof boxes are as easy to install. And once they’re installed, they don’t all have the same level of accessibility.

You don’t want to spend time fighting with your car’s storage box or struggling to get it open.

Ask yourself, “Does it open from the side or back, and which would be easier? Does it include a locking feature to keep your belongings safe?”

Whether it’s having extra doors, easy opening devices, or it’s simple to store, these features can take a roof box from being a hassle to a convenient tool.

Conclusion — The Most Aerodynamic Roof Boxes

Manufacturers work hard so that their roof boxes are aerodynamic and won’t cause any problems on the road. But some roof boxes have designs that make them far more aerodynamic than others. 

If you’re looking for the most aerodynamic roof boxes you can get, take a close look at the style, shape, compactness, and design.

A short and long box will be more aerodynamic than a tall one with drag.

A tapered front can also help achieve better airflow.

And make sure it only weighs as much as it should! 

Ready to get the most aerodynamic roof box with other features like accessibility, high storage capacity, and durability? Check out the most aerodynamic options here. 

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