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How To Brew A Cup Of Coffee In The Great Outdoors?

If you love coffee and camping, bringing the two together is probably your definition of paradise.

It is totally understandable for coffee lovers who are also campers to want nothing more than a cup of coffee while enjoying the outdoors.

That said, we understand that brewing your own coffee while camping can be quite a hassle, especially if you’re used to the automatic drip coffee machines that you can use on your kitchen countertop at the comforts of your own home.

That’s why we got you covered with this list of nine methods for making your own cup of joe outside.

Campfire Coffee

Coffee, a staple for many, is definitely something you can still enjoy even in the wild.

There are a multitude of different types of coffees that you can enjoy while relaxing on your camping trip.

In the list below, we will show you the different methods to brewing coffee, rangng from the simplest to the most complicated ways.

Necessary equipment

To brew your coffee while camping, do remember to pack the following equipment along with your camping gear.

A portable stove, whether it’s a backpacking stove or a kettle on a campfire so that you can boil the water needed for coffee.

A mug, preferably stainless steel camping ones, that is lightweight and break-resistant. 

Of course, we can’t forget the coffee ground. Bringing the grounds instead of coffee beans is preferred so that you don’t have to carry along a grinder.

Finally, bring bottled water or water purification pills if you’re planning to get your water from the outdoors.

Depending on which method you choose, you may need to bring some additional equipment like a coffee filter or a french press.

Instant Coffee

The simplest and quickest method of making coffee is to pour boiling water over the coffee powder mixture.

Although some picky coffee lovers might not approve of this, you can now get more flavourful instant coffee made from very good quality coffee beans.

Coffee Bags

Coffee bags are convenient as you can simply dunk your coffee bag into boiling water and let it sit for a couple of minutes.

Then you can use a utensil to squeeze the bag before removing it and voila! 

You can DIY your own coffee bag by taking a filter and filling it with coffee grounds before tying it up with some butcher’s twine.

Then you’re good to go.

The Cowboy Method

As its name suggests, cowboys have been using this method to brew their own coffee for a long time now.

All you have to do is to bring a pot of water to a full boil before adding coffee grounds directly inside the pot.

Wait for a few minutes then add some eggshells.

That’s right, eggshells!

The eggshell is optional but it helps the deposits sink to the bottom of the pot which is great if you don’t own a filter.

The Pour Over Method

For this method, you’ll require a pour-over dripper and a cone filter.

On top of your mug, lay the filter and dripper before pouring some coffee grounds onto it.

Once your water is boiled, pour it over the grounds and let it seep through the filter into your mug.

Keep adding water until you are satisfied with the quantity. 

A downside to this method is that it takes a while to obtain the finished product.

So, if you’re brewing for a group, you might want to consider other methods.

Percolator — a type of coffee pot

Until the advent of the automatic drip coffee machines, percolators were the way to go.

As it repeatedly cycles the water through the grounds, the product is usually a very strong coffee. 

All you need to do is to fill the grounds compartment with coffee grounds and the water compartment with cold water.

From here, put the percolator over a flame and wait for roughly 10 minutes before serving. 

A Moka Pot

Moka pots can brew a strong espresso and is a popular method in Europe and Latin America ever since the 1930s.

A caveat is that it might not be the most camping-friendly coffee maker because of its weight. 

It’s quite simple.

Firstly, you pour water into the bottom water chamber.

Then, you place your coffee grounds in the middle part.

Then once your water boils, your brewed coffee will be ready at the top chamber.

The French Press

The French press has evolved throughout the years and is now a convenient method of brewing a cup of joe.

You can customise the amount of coffee, water temperature, as well as how long you let the coffee sit.

You would place coffee grounds into the container then add boiling water in.

After stirring this mixture, place the plunger and metal filter on top of the grounds and let it steep for your preferred amount of brewing time.  

The AeroPress

The AeroPress is often compared with the French press because of their similarity. 

Once you have your boiled water ready, place the cylindrical chamber over your coffee mug.

Add coffee grounds into the chamber as well as some of the boiled water.

Stir for a couple of seconds before adding the rest of the water.

Then insert the assembled filter and press until the plunger touches the coffee grounds.

Then you can remove the AeroPress to reveal a warm cup of coffee for you to enjoy.

Cold Brew

If for whatever reason you can’t get the stove or a fire going, you can always go for cold brewing or cold pressing. 

For this, you would need a mason jar and a lot of time, ideally overnight.

Fill your jar with coffee grounds and let it seep in cold water overnight for about 12 hours.

Then in the morning, filter out the grounds from the brew and enjoy it! 

Whichever method you choose, you will end up with a cup of coffee for your camping.

But even if it doesn’t turn out nicely, it’s definitely better than no coffee.

You also need to consider factors such as the weight of the equipment, the brewing time, and your coffee preference.


Probably the most avant-garde way of brewing coffee, the Bripe is for the camper who wants a quick coffee fix.

The Bripe works by adding water and grounds in the bowl of its pipe, boiling the water and enjoying the aromatic goodness through the straw attached. 


Combining the pour-over, pneumatic press, and a French press, the Aeropress packs the grounds tightly into a puck, making cleanup a breeze.

Fine espresso grounds are the most suitable for such a method and you could do it either by the top down method or inverted method.

Single-Serve Pour-Over

Relatively new in the coffee market, and a one-time version of the above coffee, these types of coffees are specifically made for campers.

It is easier to clean up as coffee grounds are separated from the water but this means that you would have to bring your own coffee filter.

Such coffee grounds come in a pouch propped up by a paper frame that can be balanced atop your cup.

Then, boiling water is poured through the pouch. 

Portable Espressore

Be part of the hype with a portable espresso maker.

Perfect for someone who loves coffee, the outdoors and staying with the trends, this coffee maker is one that you cannot miss.

Instructions to making a cup of coffee with a portable espresso machine is easy.

Just pack fine grounds and add hot water into its respective compartments and let the machine work its magic!

OXX CoffeeBoxx

If you are searching for something fancy, try OXX Coffeeboxx.

Essentially, it is an extremely durable machine that makes coffee with just the push of a button.

This is a great choice for wherever you are able to access a power outlet.


Some argue that nothing can ever beat grinding up fresh coffee beans, especially for the specialty beans.

Hence, coffee grinders can be your go-to coffee making tool while camping.


Sometimes you just need a cup of coffee in the morning just to wake you up or get you started on a day, even if you’re out in the wilderness.

At the end of the day, nothing beats making and enjoying your own cup of coffee out in the wilderness to wake you up in the morning. 

Plus that smell will make you the envious campsite neighbour, don’t blame us if they come asking for a cup.


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