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Nikwax Tech Wash is an essential item if you want to keep your outdoor gear looking its best for as long as possible.

Outdoor clothing needs special care and attention, and this product is specially-formulated to do just that.

It can remove any dirt and detergent residue, while leaving the water-repellence of your garments intact. Whether the item is fleece or synthetic insulation, it can help to improve the performance of any fabric.

Nikwax tech wash can be used for hand washing or garments or in a washing machine, and there is no tumble drying required.

It can also be applied directly to the garment in question if you need to remove stains or grease spots.

With 300ml of product in a bottle, this is something that you will want to ensure that you have to hand as you never know when you might need to wash your wet weather equipment or clothing.

Removes dirt and detergent residue leaving water-repellence intact.

Improves the performance of any fabric, fleece or synthetic insulation.

Use as a pre-wash for Nikwax treatments for best results.

Can be applied directly to remove grease spots or stains.

Ideal for protecting the water-repellence on new garments.

The No.1 easy to use, safe, high performance cleaner for wet weather clothing and equipment.

COLOUR: Plastic Bottle

SIZE: 300ml | 1 Litre

DIMENSIONS: 8.5cm x 8.5cm x 23cm

CAPACITY: 300ml | 1 Litre



Easy to apply – can be used in a washing machine or by hand, no tumble drying needed

Additional information


300 ml, 1 Litre, Single Use Pouches


Clothing, Equipment


Cotton, Fabric, Polar, Softshell



Nikwax Tech Wash


Nikwax Tech Wash

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Wash-in cleaner for waterproof fabrics

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