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Highlander Basilisk Karabiner: Essential for Secure Gear Attachment


Screw gate closure

Not suitable for climbing

Aluminium screwgate karabiner.



6mm, 8mm


CS137, CS138

🔗 Highlander Basilisk Karabiner: Your Reliable Gear Attachment Solution! 🔗

Hey, Outdoor Enthusiasts and Campers! Need a sturdy and reliable way to attach gear to your backpack or belt? The Highlander Basilisk Karabiner is designed to keep your items secure during your outdoor adventures!

🌟 Durable Aluminium Construction: Made from robust aluminium, this screwgate karabiner is built to last. It’s perfect for attaching equipment, water bottles, or tools to your gear.

🔒 Screw Gate Closure: The karabiner features a screw gate closure, ensuring your items are securely fastened and reducing the risk of accidental opening.

📏 Compact & Lightweight:

  • Available in 6mm and 8mm dimensions
  • Colour: Metallic

🎒 Versatile Use: While not suitable for climbing, this karabiner is ideal for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities where secure attachment of gear is essential.

🌲 Easy to Use: The simple screw mechanism is easy to operate, even with gloves on, making it a practical choice for all weather conditions.

So, are you ready to keep your gear securely attached and organised? Get the Highlander Basilisk Karabiner from and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a reliable gear attachment solution.

Order now and secure your outdoor essentials with ease! 🛒🔗🏕️

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Highlander Basilisk Karabiner, 6mm CS137Highlander Basilisk Karabiner: Essential for Secure Gear Attachment
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