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Nikwax Tech Wash & TX Direct 300ml Twin Pack: Comprehensive Outdoor Gear Care


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🌧️ Nikwax Tech Wash & TX Direct Twin Pack: The Ultimate Care for Your Outdoor Gear! 🌧️

Hey, Outdoor Gear Aficionados! Want to keep your technical clothing in top-notch condition? The Nikwax Tech Wash & TX Direct Twin Pack is your all-in-one solution for maintaining and enhancing the performance of your outdoor garments!

🧼 Tech Wash: Gentle Yet Effective Cleaning:

  • Prolongs Gear Life: Specially formulated to clean and maintain breathability, Tech Wash prolongs the life of your gear and optimises outdoor performance.
  • Maintains Water-Repellency: It maintains the original water-repellency of your garments while removing dirt that can attract water and mask water-repellent finishes.
  • Eco-Friendly: Tech Wash is environmentally friendly, biodegradable, non-flammable, and non-hazardous.

💦 TX.Direct: Renew & Revive Water Repellency:

  • Adds/Renews Water Repellency: TX.Direct enhances the water repellency of your gear and revives its breathability, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable.
  • Easy to Use: Can be applied directly in your washing machine, with no need for tumble drying. It’s a hassle-free way to waterproof your garments.
  • Safe for Your Gear: It won’t affect the cosmetic appearance and is free from harmful fluorocarbons.

🌿 Environmentally Conscious: Both products are water-based and free from harmful chemicals, making them safe for you and the planet.

📦 300ml Twin Pack: This convenient twin pack includes 300ml each of Tech Wash and TX.Direct, perfect for treating multiple garments and ensuring comprehensive care.

So, are you ready to give your outdoor clothing the best possible care? Get the Nikwax Tech Wash & TX Direct Twin Pack from and enjoy enhanced performance and longevity of your gear.

Order now and keep your outdoor wardrobe ready for any adventure! 🛒🧥

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A twin pack of NikWax washers which prolong the life of gear and optimise outdoor performance

Tech Wash:

  • Prolongs the life of gear and optimises outdoor performance
  • Maintains breathability
  • Maintains original water-repellency
  • Easy to apply – can be used in a washing machine
  • Suitable for use on all fabrics, including technical textiles
  • Lifts out dirt that can attract water and mask water repellent finishes
  • Unlike conventional detergents, it does not leave behind water attractive residues which encourage ‘wetting-out’


  • Adds/renews water repellency and revives breathability
  • Prolongs the life of gear and optimises outdoor performance
  • Easy to apply – can be used in a washing machine, no tumble drying required.
  • Will not affect cosmetic appearance
  • WaterBased – environmentally friendly, biodegradable, non flammable, non hazardous.
  • Does not contain fluorocarbons.

Clothing, Equipment


Cotton, Fabric


Cleaning, Waterproofing

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Nikwax Tech Wash and TX Direct 300ml Twin PackNikwax Tech Wash & TX Direct 300ml Twin Pack: Comprehensive Outdoor Gear Care

Availability: 9 in stock

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