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About Us

Little bit about The Expert Camper

Our Company

I have been camping for over 20 years. I’ve also worked in outdoor retail for 5 years and since 2009, I’ve been running my own camping-related campsites.
It’s just something I love to do. Camping is good for your health, after all!
I decided to Launch The Expert Camper in April 2020. Some might say it is the worst time to launch a new site- especially when camping in the UK is currently banned to the masses. But this is a site I have wanted to launch for a while and so I’ve decided during lockdown to launch.


Initially, this site will be run by myself Andy and my wife Louise. We are a camping-mad family and can often be found spending our leisure on campsites. We know our stuff, and all items for sale on this site will be items we’re happy to recommend.
Unlike many other retailers, we won’t be having sales or discounts. This may surprise you but for a business like ours, we don’t feel that this is necessary. This is because we aim to offer you the very best prices all year around.
We don’t feel the season should make a difference to how much you pay for your camping gear! That said, to help create space in our warehouse, and bring in new products,  we will have two key promotion days each year where we will offer big savings on surplus stock.
These will be: 11th March and the 11 October You might want to put those dates in your diary, as stock will be sure to sell quickly.

One other big difference

is that we are working closely with campsites up and down the country and will offer you delivery directly to your campsite.
While the range initially is pretty limited for this service, this is done deliberately to make sure you can get the essentials when you really need them.
If I wouldn’t use a product, it won’t be appearing on the site.
You can rest assured that if we stock it – it passes our internal tests. And, as I said, we know our stuff – so poor-quality products won’t be featured.
Our promise to you is that we will sell you the best quality products at the best prices.
If you’re new to camping and not sure what to buy, head over to our blog where we share some of our expert advice on the essentials – and the luxuries – you might want to consider. Whether that’s a guide to the best types of pegs for different grounds, or tips on how to waterproof your tent, if it’s camping-related we have you covered.

Meet the Owners

Andrew Halliday



Been working in the Camping Industry since 2004 but been camping since a young child when he joined beavers. Loves spending time outdoors.




Prior to starting a family was a retail manager in several Outdoor stores across Yorkshire. Working her way up from Sunday girl to store manager in just a few years.



EXPERT packer

Corey is the oldest of the Andy and Louise’s three kids, but he is also the person who packs the orders. 

He enjoys being outdoors and camping.


Content Writer

Meet The Writers

This site isn’t about the owners, but the writers. They are the team who spend the time doing the research, testing and travelling to bring you the best articles We have a professional coming into the office in the next few weeks so will add photo’s when taken.

Do you like to Write and love to camp

Are you passionate about camping and would like to write about it get in touch. Get in touch via our contact page if you would like to write for us.
Get in touch via our contact page if you would like to write for us.