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There really is a tent peg for everything, and these plastic dome groundsheet pegs certainly prove that.

If you have a tent with a separate ground sheet then you need to ensure that it is pegged down properly before you pitch your tent.

And, making sure that the tent pegs from your ground sheet don’t damage the rest of the tent is very important.

These pegs are short, just 3 inches in length and have a larger domed head which sits flatter to the round making it easier to pitch you tent over.

They have a recess in the middle which makes it easy to remove them from the ground when it comes to packing away your tent and are brightly coloured, so they are easy to find. There are 10 pegs in a pack, plenty for most ground sheets, and they can also be used in larger tents to peg down the carpet.

COLOUR: Metallic

SIZE: 3 Inch

DIMENSIONS: 3 Inch/8cm

Plastic Dome Groundsheet Peg


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Plastic Dome Groundsheet Peg

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A 3″ plastic dome groundsheet peg.

Pack of 10