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7-inch (18 cm) Rock Peg: Perfect for Rocky & Hard Grounds

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With so many different types of tent peg out there it can sometimes be difficult to know which ones are right for which type of terrain.

However, with these ones the clue to their use is in the name.

These 7″ steel rock pegs are the ideal choice when it come to rocky ground.

They are incredibly durable, with a sharper point which is designed to help you when it comes to driving them into ground that is less than forgiving.

The clever design of these pegs includes a plastic head piece which is easy to see in rockier ground and make it easier to extract the pegs when you are packing away your tent.

These pegs come in packs of 4, so you might want to buy a couple because having spares of the right type of pegs is essential on any camping trip.

A 7″ steel rock peg.

A pack of 4 rock pegs.

Strong pegs for hard ground.

COLOUR: Metallic

SIZE: 7 Inch




🏕️ 7-inch Rock Peg: Your Reliable Choice for Rocky Terrains! 🏕️

Hey, Campers and Outdoor Enthusiasts! Struggling with tent setup on rocky grounds? The 7-inch Rock Peg is crafted to ease your camping experience in tough terrains!

🌟 Designed for Rocky Ground: These steel rock pegs, measuring 7 inches, are the ideal choice for rocky or hard ground. Their durability and sharp point make driving them into tough terrains a breeze.

🔨 Durable Steel Construction: Made from robust steel, these pegs are built to withstand the challenges of rocky camping sites, ensuring your tent stays securely anchored.

📏 Visible & Practical:

  • Each peg features a plastic head piece, making them easy to spot and extract from rocky ground.
  • Dimensions: 7″/18cm

🎒 Pack of 4: The pegs come in packs of 4, so consider purchasing multiple packs to ensure you have enough for your tent and any additional camping gear.

🌲 Essential Camping Gear: Whether you’re an adventurous camper exploring various landscapes or find yourself in unexpected rocky sites, these pegs are a must-have for a reliable tent setup.

So, are you ready to tackle any camping terrain with confidence? Get the 7-inch Rock Peg from and enjoy a secure and stable camping experience, wherever you go.

Order now and be prepared for any ground condition! 🛒🏕️🔨

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7 Rock Peg CS3277-inch (18 cm) Rock Peg: Perfect for Rocky & Hard Grounds
Original price was: £4.49.Current price is: £2.47.

Availability: 1 in stock

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