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top 10 essential tips for new campers

Top 10 Essential Tips for New Campers

New to camping?  Don’t yet know your guy ropes from your ground sheets?  Don’t worry – everyone starts somewhere – but getting into camping really isn’t that difficult.  There’s a little more to it that simply plodding out with a tent and picking any old spot to sleep in for the night, but you needn’t be put off by the idea – camping is amazing fun and a great way to get away from it all.  Here are ten essential tips we think all new campers should live by!

Find a Yorkshire Campsite

Yorkshire – all its wonderful counties – is camping heaven.  From up in the Dales out towards the West, there are areas of spectacular beauty throughout Yorkshire, meaning that it’s the perfect place to start your camping adventure if you’re looking for somewhere new, exciting and stunning to visit.  Take a look at our recommended sites – offering unbelievable views and curious wildlife spots – as well as a few nice surprises along the way.  Yorkshire is absolutely the best place to start if you’re just getting going on camping for the first time!

Ok we might be biased as we are from Yorkshire, but there are over 8,000 campsites in the UK so find one near by.

Don’t worry we have you covered, check out all of Campsites.

Ditch the Tech!

A true, traditional camping experience is one which isn’t befuddled by technology.  You should always have a mobile phone available as an emergency contact – or if you need to look up local information – but keep your smartphone use to an absolute minimum.  Crack out the camera for some gorgeous shots of the countryside and areas of natural beauty – but go easy on social media – you could be missing out on a lot!

If in Doubt, Get a Bigger Tent

Tent buying can be tricky at first, but if you’re in any doubt with regard to what you need, you should always go one bigger than your actual requirements.  For example – if there’s two of you, go for a three or four-person model – this will allow for greater comfort and space, which you will likely need and enjoy throughout any trips you undertake.  Don’t sacrifice your comfort – go bigger where possible!

Check the Weather Reports

While only the bravest campers amongst us really brave the elements whatever the weather, it’s a smart move to plan ahead for high wind, rain and more besides.

You’re going to need to know whether you’ll need certain tent pegs to protect against high winds, or extensive waterproofing and footwear if you’re heading for a soaking, for example – it pays to be careful when camping, and you know full well what Britain is like at the best of times – unpredictable!

Check your tent, most quality tents are sold with a Hydra Static head of 1,500 + which is the recommended level for the UK.

I personally don’t buy anything less than 3,000 but if rain is forecast just firstly check the hydra static level on your tent.

Over time the waterproof level of the tent will deteriorate, but its pretty simple to re-waterproof your tent.

Consider Your Campsite Needs

Think carefully about what you are looking for from your campsite – are you looking for a quiet break away, or a bustling experience where you can meet new people and share stories?

Take a look at the facilities offered – less often means a quieter stay, on the whole, though you should always consider looking at the location.  Coastal or Cliffside camping can be hazardous in bad weather – meaning that a countryside trip may be more beneficial.

Using Camping Sites in Britain campsite finder you can filter down to campsites which meet your needs.

Pack the Essentials

The essentials – leave the kitchen sink at home – will serve you well regardless of whether you’re at a site packed with facilities or roughing it in the almost-wilds of rugged Yorkshire.

Take a first aid kit, materials and tools for patching up tents and clothing, plenty of water if you’re really roughing it, maps, portable charging equipment for mobile phones (we recommend solar chargers where possible) – the list goes on.

Also – never go camping without a penknife, or a gas stove – you never know when you might need them, regardless of where you may be headed.

Plan Food Ahead of Time

Speaking of gas stoves, new campers should always plan ahead in terms of meals, especially if you’re set to feed more than a few at any one time.  Shop a day or two ahead, never get caught on the hop – make sure you have equipment and facilities to be able to cook for everyone in attendance and plan ahead.

Make a shopping list, budget carefully, and don’t plan your days around your dinners – unless you want to!  Really make the most of the experience of camping – and the wonderful world around you – have your meals sorted out so that you’re not dawdling around getting food sorted last-minute.

Be Respectful of Your Campsite

Respect is paramount when it comes to camping.  Campsite owners are generally very friendly, affable and willing to offer you whatever you need to feel comfortable, safe and to enjoy your stay with them.

However, there will be ground rules – and if you break or breach any one of them, you may be asked to move on.

Campsite owners love the countryside as much as you – respect their rules and their plots of land and you may even make fast friends in the bargain.  Who’s to say?

Be Respectful of Nature

Habitats across Birttain are sadly under threat from various factors, and you can do your bit as a conscious and responsible camper by making sure you always clear up after yourself – and by ensuring that you keep noise and potential disruption to an absolute minimum.  By venturing into the countryside, you’ll be sharing the homes of thousands of birds and critters – we owe it to them to protect their habitats as much as possible, and showing even a little consideration for the environment around you will be a massive deal.  Do your part – and be a respectful camper!

Go Close to Home if You Can

Finally – if you can – camp as close to home as possible your first time away.  There’s nothing to say you won’t enjoy the experience, but if all doesn’t play out the way you expect, you should always have a safe and quick route back home – this is always sensible for emergencies, too.  If you’re a Yorkshire native, pick a spot or site that’s nearby and relax – camping is a wonderful and unbeatable experience!


So what is stopping you, go and find your perfect campsite and get booking.


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