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• Capacity: 5000cc
• Dual mode for inflation/deflation
• No electricity required
• Fits 4 valve sizes

Size: 18.5cm x 8cm x 11cm


Weight: 1.5kg




Highlander Cyclaire Inflator Pump – Efficient, Portable, and Versatile


Availability: 1 in stock

🌬️ Highlander Cyclaire Inflator Pump: Inflate with Ease 🌬️

Get ready for a hassle-free camping experience with the Highlander Cyclaire Inflator Pump. Whether you’re inflating an airbed or other camping equipment, this pump is designed to make your life easier.

🌟 Efficient Inflation and Deflation: With a 5000cc capacity, quickly inflate or deflate your gear without the need for electricity.

🔗 Versatile and Convenient: The pump’s compatibility with four valve sizes means it can be used with a variety of equipment, adding to its practicality.

🎒 Lightweight and Portable: Weighing just 1.5kg and compact in size, the Cyclaire Inflator Pump is easy to carry and store, making it a must-have for any camping trip.

🌲 Ideal for Outdoor Use: Whether you’re at a campsite or enjoying a festival, this pump ensures you can set up your sleeping area quickly and efficiently.

Prepare for your next outdoor adventure with the Highlander Cyclaire Inflator Pump from

Order now and enjoy quick and easy inflation on the go! 🛒🏕️🌬️

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Highlander Cyclaire Inflator Pump – Efficient, Portable, and Versatile

Availability: 1 in stock

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