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Pay with Klarna

Introducing Klarna On The Expert Camper– the safe, flexible way to pay

The Expert Camper is excited to offer this new way to pay. Klarna provides flexibility for you to ‘Pay Later in 30 Days’ or to ‘Pay in 3 Interest-Free Instalments’.  

Of course, you still are able to pay us at the point of order, but we have introduced Klarna to give flexibility to customers for purchases.


The Expert Camper is not a lender and acts only as an introducer. The credit product is provided by Klarna Bank AB (publ). Credit is only available to permanent UK residents aged 18 and over, depending on their status. Terms and conditions apply. Please note that Pay in 30 days and Pay in 3 instalments are not regulated by the FCA.


As this is debt, if you can not afford the repayments please don’t use Klarna. Klarna should only be used to help spread the costs of items you can afford to pay.

Failure to pay can result in your credit score being affected and the company chasing you for any outstanding balances. This might affect your ability to get future credit either through them or other third parties.

While we offer Klarna as a payment option, we would not recommend it. 

What is Klarna?

Klarna is a Swedish company offering safe and secure payment options to many household-name retailers. Klarna is fully responsible for the management of your payments and provides payment services to over 200,000 online businesses.  Worldwide over 85 million users have made use of Klarna’s safe and secure payment options to help businesses offer the best shopping experience to meet the needs of their customers. 

You can be sure that you will be in experienced, safe and secure hands using the Klarna to pay for purchases from The Expert Camper.

Who can use Klarna?

We aim to make Klarna available to our customers for many of their purchases from The Expert Camper. There are, however, some restrictions. These will be clear at checkout, and you would always have the option to continue with your purchase using your debit or credit card to pay immediately on order, should the Klarna option not be available.

What does Klarna offer?

Quite simply, Klarna offers two additional payment options:

‘Pay Later in 30 Days’ or ‘Pay in 3 Interest-Free Instalments’

Both offer a no interest, no fee way to pay for your camping goods.

Subject to some simple credit checks and meeting qualifying criteria, you would see Klarna offer a seamless interaction with The Expert Camper to fulfil your order. Read on to find out more about both of these options.

How does ‘Pay Later in 30 Days’ work?

You would pay no interest or fees using this option.

Simply choose the items you wish to buy and add them to your Expert Camper basket. Head to the checkout and select ‘Pay Later in 30 Days’ with Klarna.

Your order would be confirmed and despatched in the usual timely manner expected from the team here at The Expert Camper. Klarna would be in touch by email regarding payments.

You would receive your email from Klarna within two days, giving you the details to make payment.  You must provide a correct and accessible email address to ensure you receive this.

When your order arrives, you have the opportunity to check its suitability before payment and return any unwanted items to us. You would receive a credit for the returned items, so you only pay for the items you keep.

You should then follow Klarna’s email instructions to make your payment within the 30 days. You benefit from no interest or fees on your purchase, as long as you make full payment on time.  The value of any returned items would be credited to your account and your balance owed would reduce.

Klarna’s requirements for ‘Pay Later in 30 Days’

  • No account sign up
  • You must be 18 or over
  • No credit application required
  • Subject to status and acceptance (soft credit checks may be carried out as part of the process)
  • A valid email address to receive Klarna payment instructions
  • A UK bank account
  • A UK residential address
  • No interest
  • No fees (providing terms are complied with)

Read more about Klarna’s availability for customers and whether you would be accepted for this facility in our FAQs.

How does ‘Pay in 3 Interest-Free Instalments’ work?

Select the items you wish to buy, add them to your basket, and then select ‘Pay in 3’ using Klarna at the checkout.  Again, you would pay no interest or fees using this payment method.

Your order would be confirmed, and you would receive your order from The Expert Camper in the usual way.

You would be required to pay your first payment by debit or credit card when you place the order. 

Klarna would then take a further payment 30 days later and a final 3rd payment, 60 days from the date of your order. Each instalment would be for a third of the total cost, and no interest or fees are added to the total owed. 

You need to do no more than make sure you have the funds available at the right time to meet the second and third payments.

Any cancelled or returned items credited to your account would reduce the balance owed and the remaining payments. A refund would be given if the returns result in an overpayment.

Klarna requirements for ‘Pay in 3 Interest-Free Instalments’.

  • You must be 18 or over
  • You must provide a valid mobile number and email address
  • A UK residential address
  • A UK bank account with a good credit history
  • A credit/debit card valid for a minimum of 60 days from date of purchase
  • Sufficient balance to make the first payment on ordering and ongoing at the time of future payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

When would Klarna email me with my payment instructions?

You would receive full details of your Klarna payment to your email address within two days of your order.

What Are The Eligibility Criteria for ‘Pay Later in 30 Days’ or ‘Pay in 3 Interest-Free Instalments’ offered by Klarna?

To use Klarna, you must meet their criteria, be 18 or over, and the offer would be made subject to suitable financial criteria being met.  Klarna may carry out additional credit reference soft search checks and use the findings to make a decision. Any credit reference checks won’t affect your credit score nor would they be visible to other lenders. 

Klarna and The Expert Camper would not run credit reference checks that impact your credit rating. 

Klarna reserve the right to refuse customers that do not meet their criteria.  If this is the case, you have the option to complete your purchase making immediate full payment through the online checkout on The Expert Camper’s website.

Why could I not be offered Klarna as a payment option?

Although the use is of Klarna is offered throughout the site, it may not be available for all orders to all customers. Many factors for this include, but are not limited to:

  • The size of your order
  • Your order history
  • Item availability
  • Failure to meet Klarna’s requirements

If it is not available, or you are unsuccessful for one purchase, this does not mean that you would always be unsuccessful. Success previously does not guarantee future acceptance either.

You would always have the option to complete your purchase through the standard checkout procedure.

You can increase the probability of acceptance by ensuring that you are 18 or over, giving the correct full name, full address and ensuring your item is delivered to the same places as your billing address.

What information is required to make a purchase using Klarna?

You would be required to provide your name, a UK address and a valid email address. You may also be required to supply your mobile phone number and date of birth. It is important that you provide the correct information to ensure that the payment instructions and links to your online statements can be sent to you. 

You would also need a valid credit or debit card to make your first payment for ‘Pay in 3’ and to ensure that future payments can be met using the same details. You should expect to hear from Klarna within 2 days of your purchase.

How secure are the details I provide?

All transactions are placed via secure connections using the latest industry standard security protocols to ensure the safety and security of your personal information and payment details.

The Expert Camper would pass some information to Klarna to enable them to proceed with your preferred payment method. Details such as your contact and order details would be shared, enabling Klarna to assess whether to offer you their payment options and for them to contact you with payment information. 

No card payment details are transferred to or held by The Expert Camper. 

Your personal data is managed in accordance with data protection laws and in accordance with the privacy policies for both Klarna and The Expert Camper.  You can review the privacy policy for The Expert Camper at and for Klarna here.

How can I make my ‘Pay Later in 30 Days’ payment?

You can complete the payment online using a debit/credit card using Klarna’s app or by logging into with the details provided in the Klarna confirmation email.

How can I make my ‘Pay in 3’ instalment payments?

Your first payment would be debited to your debit/credit card entered as part of the checkout process. Your remaining balance would then be debited in two equal payments to the same card, one at 30 days and the last at 60 days from the checkout date. This process is automatic, and you do not need to make a manual payment. You just need to ensure you have sufficient balance available at the required time. You can keep check of the datte that payments are dues on Klarna’s app or by logging into using the details provided in your confirmation email.

What happens if I don’t pay for my order?

For ‘Pay Later in 30 Days’ orders your payment would be due thirty days from the shipping date of your order.  You would receive an alert 2 days prior to the date that payment is due to remind you – either by a push notification through Klarna’s app or an email reminder.  If you are late with your payment, you would also receive a letter or a text. Your credit score wouldn’t be impacted  ifyou use Klarna’s ‘Pay Later in 30 Days’. This is still the case even if you failed to make payment on time. Failure to pay or payment delays may impact your ability to use Klarna at a later date, however.

For ‘Pay in 3 Interest Free Instalments’ orders, Klarna would take the payment from the card details used for the initial payment with order. If the first instalment request is unsuccessful, they would attempt one more time to collect the outstanding amount two days later. Should this second attempt fail, Klarna would issue a statement to you requesting the outstanding amount in full, and payment would be due 15 days after this. Klarna would notify you two days prior to a collection attempt.

You can always find dates that payment is due on Klarna’s app or at  Klarna ensures that credit scores are not affected by using their ‘Pay in 3’ even in the event that you have not paid them on time. Failure to pay or payment delays may impact your ability to use Klarna at a later date, however.

Can I pay before the date that payment is due?

Yes, you can pay both ‘Pay Later in 30’ or ‘Pay in 3’ amounts owed early.

You can make your payment at any time after receiving the Klarna email that includes payment details.

Simply log on to Klarna’s app or to make your payment.  You can check your payment status at any time.

How do I know you have received payment?

Klarna would send an email to the address used for your order.  If you have made a payment but have not received confirmation, you can use Klarna’s app or log onto to check the status of your order and payments.

What if I cancel or return all or part of my order?

As soon as The Expert Camper has accepted a return (full or partial) or cancellation, you would receive confirmation of this.  Klarna would issue you with an updated statement where there is still a balance for items owed.  If you have made a full cancellation or full return, Klarna would cancel your outstanding statement balance and issue a refund for any payments made. Any future payment requests would also be cancelled. Your return/cancellation would be reflected immediately in Klarna’s app.

How would I receive my refunds?

Your refund would be processed within five to seven business days once your cancellation or return are registered. The refund would be to the card details provided at the time of ordering.  If you haven’t yet settled the statement balance, the refund would be credited to the statement balance to reduce or cancel the amount owing.

I have received my Klarna statement but I have not received my goods yet?

With Klarna’s ‘Pay Later in 30 Days’ you would usually have plenty of time to receive your goods. However, if the date that payment is due is near and you have not received your items please call us at The Expert Camper to check on your order and delivery status.

With Klarna’s ‘Pay in 3’ you should also check your order status with us, so we can provide an update on delivery information.

You could then contact Klarna Customer Service to postpone the date that payment is due or put your order on hold while you wait for your goods to arrive. You can find details of your Klarna orders, payments and account details on Klarna’s app and by visiting

What if I have a query regarding my order?

If you have a query on your product, delivery and returns, please contact us at The Expert Camper and we will help you.

If you have a query regarding payments or refunds, please contact Klarna directly. Klarna can be contacted via Klarna’s app or by logging onto

I have more questions regarding Klarna

You can contact Klarna through the app, or via their Customer Services Page

Or you can look at their FAQs or use the below telephone numbers to get in touch with them directly.

Local Rate: 020 300 50833/Freephone 0808 189 3333.

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