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Tips For A Tech Detox Family Camping Trip

Tips For A Tech Detox Family Camping Trip

The advent of the internet and social media has shaped our current lifestyle in ways that could not have been possible decades back.

Although it is undeniable that technology did bring many benefits to humans in general; sometimes, the massive amount of information being passed from one end to another can get overwhelming for us.

We are living in a constant chase against the net and keeping ourselves connected to our social circle almost every second of our waking hours, living off on the endorphins and dopamine we derive from these platforms. 


Such a lifestyle is actually harmful and empty for humans.

Our over-reliance on technology has made us inept in certain offline scenarios and over-inflated our sense of self.

What is most likely to happen is that we become more disillusioned as time passes by and we’ll realize that this neverending chase has turned us into unhappy and undiscerning people.


Over the years, there have been countless research on the negatives of social media and the list gets longer and is backed with more substance as we humans are starting to comprehend and question the true nature of technology.

Addiction to social media is real but it is not the end for most of us.

Breaking one’s reliance on the internet is not an easy feat but it is definitely attainable.

In fact, there are many amongst us who have managed to break away from the grip of social media use.

One great way to begin your digital detox journey is to go on a tech-free camping trip with your trusted ones.

And for those who prefer camping alone, there are plenty of one man wild camping tents for you to consider.

Here are some useful tips for the tech-free camp trip that is sure to help you transition into a more healthy and functional person by the end.

Set your devices to Airplane mode

While it may be ideal to completely leave all your electronic communication devices behind for the trip, we do believe that having a mobile phone around would be handy in times of emergencies, should the situation arise.

Having said that, one should have their mobile phones on Airplane mode, switch off mobile data, and disconnect from any Wifi in the area.

Being off the net means you will not be distracted by the notifications from the social media platforms, bringing your attention away from the interactions unfolding in front of you. 


Immerse yourself in the activities and the people around you instead and you will find yourself enjoying the moment more than you would imagine.

Once you head back to civilisation, you can update your friends on social media on the camping trip and find that you actually recall each passing moment more vividly and made more unforgettable memories with your family.

No tablets or laptops

Yes, we let mobile phones pass for this supposedly tech-free camping trip, but any other electronic devices other than your phones should not be allowed.

This means that laptops and tablets are no gos. Sure, they could be a great source of entertainment for you and the little ones while you are in transit to the intended campsite.

It is likely that everyone will be too engrossed in whatever they are doing on the devices to participate fully in the camping itinerary. 


If entertaining children is the main concern, consider going for more old school approaches, such as bringing a novel or engaging them in a conversational game.

You may also bring a camera along and task them with the job as the family photographer of the trip, which will get them looking at their surroundings instead of digital screens. 

Image credit: Spring-Fed-Images on Wunderstock

There are many benefits to encouraging children away from digital devices such as improved creativity, imagination, reduced stress, and need for instant gratification.

These qualities reinforced regularly help them to better develop more holistically and happily.

Trust your kids to be able to entertain themselves even without the help of digital devices.

However for that to happen, you’ll have to make the first move by taking the digital devices off their hands for a while, which is just what this tech-free camping trip is all about.

Plan some non-tech related activities

You can make your tech-free camping trip more helpful in reducing reliance on social media by keeping everyone occupied while on the trip.

Keeping our minds and bodies busy with a day full of fun activities will fight the urge to fish up your mobile devices and scroll through your social media.

Thankfully, nature itself is a pretty good distraction against technology.

Consider physical activities such as biking and skating. Group activities like a scavenger hunt and ultimate frisbee are good ways to involve everyone in the family as well.

Those who prefer more mentally stimulating activities can take an interest in the wildlife in the area or make a painting of the landscape.

Range of Toys and Games

Embrace downtime

Alternatively, there is no need to overcomplicate matters.

Just prepare the essentials and head over to the campsite with an open mind and heart.

This camping trip should be one that is calming and healing, so it is totally okay to take things easy.

Follow your whims and desires and let nature guide you for once.

Take this opportunity to bond over mindless topics with your loved ones or take time to reflect on your current direction in life. 

The need to hustle and to be busy all the time is a toxic obsession and construct of our current generation.

We need to internalise that the need to rest and the idea of being idle is not simply undesirable. Being able to cope with peace and silence strengthens your mental fortitude and prevents you from burnout in the long run.

This is a valuable lesson that you can impart to the young generation who lived with digital devices growing up.

The sooner one can make peace with boredom, the easier they can rid themselves of the need to be connected constantly.

The obsession and need to be connected is a real cause for concern today.

Numerous people ranging from adolescents to the elderly exhibit signs of being addicted to their digital devices.

Although these compact devices help to bring about multiple conveniences in our daily lives, we should always take caution to not let them rule over our lives because there’s more to life than the net. 


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