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How to store sleeping bags in garage

How to store sleeping bags in garage

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Storing sleeping bags in a garage can be a convenient option, as long as the garage is dry and cool. Here are some steps you can follow to store sleeping bags in a garage:

  1. Make sure the sleeping bags are clean and dry before storing them in the garage. This will help to prevent mold, mildew, and other forms of damage.

  2. If possible, hang the sleeping bags in the garage using a drying rack or clothes hangers. This will allow them to air out and prevent them from becoming musty or damp.

  3. If hanging the sleeping bags is not an option, you can store them in a plastic or fabric storage container. Make sure the container is large enough to hold the sleeping bags without squashing or crushing them.

  4. Place the container in a dry, cool area of the garage, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Avoid storing the sleeping bags near water sources, such as a washing machine or a sink, as this can increase the risk of moisture damage.

  5. If you have multiple sleeping bags, label each container with the size and type of sleeping bag, as well as the date of storage. This will help you to find the sleeping bags easily when you need them again.


By following these steps, you can help to protect your sleeping bags and keep them in good condition for future use. It’s also a good idea to inspect the sleeping bags regularly and repair any damages or wear and tear that may occur over time.

Author: Amy

Hi, I am Amy I have two loves in my life camping and writing. When I am not writing for The Expert Camper, I am usually camping. Lake District is one of my favourite spots, but really anywhere in the UK under canvas I am happy.


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