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How many campsites are in the UK?

How many Campsites are there in the UK?

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A common question we get asked is just how many campsites are there in the UK? The answer might both surprise you and make you want to go camping a whole lot more. 

We’ve teamed up with Camping Sites in Britain to try and find the answer to that simple question, “How many camping sites are there in the UK?”

It probably sounds like a simple question, however, it’s not quite as straightforward as it may seem.

Firstly, how do you define a campsite? Some locations call themselves campsites, but don’t accept tents, only caravans. Whereas some sites accept neither and are exclusively for motorhomes.

There’s a number of variables to bear in mind with our data. 2020 hasn’t exactly been a great year for campsites, with the huge impact of Covid-19. Some campsites might not be able to reopen due to the financial impact of the virus. That being said, there’s also going to be a boom in UK staycations, so new campsites could open. We can’t predict exactly how things will turn out so we’ll use the current data to try and answer the question.

How many Campsites are there in the UK?

Ok, so in the UK there are 4,803 campsites sites that accept tents. 

There are 5,978 which accept caravans, with a further 635 which don’t accept either tents or caravans. They are either glamping sites, motorhome exclusive sites or holiday homes. There’s many sites that accept both tents and caravans. 

There are 7,297 sites in total across the UK for staycations (this excludes holiday homes and other types of rental accommodation). These sites accept both tents and caravans.

That’s a pretty large number of campsites! Some are tiny – the smallest we came across offers just 5 tent pitches and then they range in size right up to the Haven’s and Parkdean type sites.

Country Breakdown

The UK is made up of several countries, so how many campsites does each country have?

The number of campsites in the UK


There are 3,503 campsites that accept tents. There are 4,478 which accept caravans. There are 469 which don’t accept either tents or caravans. 

In total, there are 5,452 sites.

The number of campsites in England
The number of campsites in Scotland


There are 445 sites in Scotland that accept tents, but it’s also worth noting that wild camping is legal in Scotland.

There are 529 sites that accept caravans.

There are 71 other sites that don’t accept tents or caravans.

In total there are 651 sites across Scotland.


In Wales, there are 788 sites that accept tents. There are 894 sites that accept caravans.

There are 92 other sites, that don’t accept tents or caravans.

In total there are just 1,106 sites, but for the size of the country, that’s still pretty impressive.

The number of campsites in Wales
The number of campsites in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland

There are just 57 sites across Northern Ireland that accept tents. There are 72 which accept caravans.

Every site across Northern Ireland accepts either tents or caravans. They do have glamping-type sites but unlike other parts of the UK, they also accept tents or caravans. 

In total there are just 75 sites across the whole of Northern Ireland.

Channel Islands

There are 10 sites on the Channel Islands which accept tents. There are just 4 that accept Caravans. Which makes sense, as it’s more difficult to get to these places.

There are 3 sites in total which don’t accept tents or caravans.

There are just 13 sites in total. 

The number of campsites in Northern Islands

By County

Now that we’ve looked at a breakdown of campsites by Country, let’s break it down even further and look at Counties.

Top 10 Counties That Accept tents:

While North Yorkshire has more campsites, Cornwall has the most sites that accept tents. 

Top counties with the most campsites

Top 10 Counties that accept Caravans:

When we look at the top ten Counties that accept caravans, it’s very similar to the top ten for tents, however, Kent drops out of the list and is replaced by Lancashire. Looking at the data, if you’re wanting to find a caravan park, then we’d recommend that you start in the beautiful surroundings of North Yorkshire.

Top counties with the most caravan sites

In summary, the UK has a wide range of camping and caravan sites to meet your needs. All you need to do is find your perfect spot and get away. How many counties have you stayed in? Why not set yourself the challenge of visiting at least one new county every year and really explore the whole of the UK.

After all, camping can be a great, affordable holiday and the perfect way to explore our beautiful country.

Once you’ve got your camping essentials, such as your tent and sleeping bag then it’s just a case of adding to your equipment every year. Why not splash out on those little luxuries like a collapse kettle or an inflatable sofa.

We hope this article has been useful in answering how many campsites are there in the UK and has inspired you to start planning your next camping trip.

How many camping sites in the UK
Author: Amy

Hi, I am Amy I have two loves in my life camping and writing. When I am not writing for The Expert Camper, I am usually camping. Lake District is one of my favourite spots, but really anywhere in the UK under canvas I am happy.


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