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A guide for first time campers

A Guide for First Time Campers

With foreign holidays perhaps some time from being ‘allowed’, many of us are now considering looking closer to home for our next holiday, and while camping may not have been something you’d considered before, you may now be excitedly planning your first trip. 

If you’ve never camped before, there may be a few hurdles you have to jump to ensure you have everything you need to make your first camping trip a roaring success.

The guidance and tips below could help make sure your first camping experience is everything you are looking for and more besides. 

Where to go

While at the time of writing, Wales and Scotland are still ‘closed’ to campers, it is likely that the restrictions on movement to these places will be lifted before long, so this could mean you’ll have the whole of the UK to consider.

While it may be tempting to stick a pin in a map and be spontaneous with your choice of campsite, it’s a much better idea to do your research first.

Not all campsites are created equal, so it would be best to check out what campsites provide in terms of amenities before booking your pitch.

If you’re looking for UK campsites with specific amenities, then why not click here to make searching for the best site for you here.

What to take

Make a list of your essential equipment and check it off as you pack the car – you might want to take spares of the things that are most important to you, like tent pegs.

While you may prefer to pack as lightly as possible, or take as many mod cons as you can fit in the car, there are certain essentials you shouldn’t forget as it could ruin your trip if you do.

A basic camping packing list should include:

Shelter – Choose a tent that is easy enough to put up and make sure you’ve practiced pitching before you set off. 

Bedding – Consider striking a balance between comfort and practicality.

Whilst it may be tempting to bring your entire bed to sleep in, you need to be cautious of space. Blankets and small duvets from home are fine, or you could invest in a sleeping bag.

Make sure to remember to bring pillows, even if they are only light, inflatable ones. This is a mistake that a lot of first-time campers make.

First Aid – Make sure that you bring some first aid equipment every time you go camping. Depending on what the campsite is like, there may not be much help available if you do injure yourself, so packing a first aid kit, just in case, would be useful.

Clothing and footwear – Let’s face it, the weather in the UK is changeable so it’s wise to prepare for all possible weather conditions to make sure  that you are able to cope with a sudden change. 

Cooking – There are all sorts of portable cookers and gas stoves available. The equipment that you need usually depends on how many people you are camping with.

If you are cooking for more people, a dual hob cooker might be the best fit for you. But if you’re camping alone, or with a partner,  there are compact gas stoves and pots suitable for cooking all sorts of food.

Mobile Phone – While many of us like to go ‘off-grid’ for a time, like the first aid kit, this little device is helpful for if you have a little bit of a problem, and need to call emergency services. Make sure to bring a  portable charger as well, to ensure you have the battery to call for help if you’re in a bind. 

Top Camping Tips

Got the essentials? Packed the car and ready to go?

Great. But you might want to take note of the following tips  to avoid anything going wrong.

Cooking – Never cook in your tent. Even if it’s fire resistant, the items within the tent won’t be, such as clothes.

Cooking in confined spaces can also produce carbon monoxide, which is deadly because you can’t taste or smell the gas, so you won’t know it’s there. 

Camping with dogs – When you’re camping with dogs in wide open spaces, it’s likely that they’ll want to run off and explore, so remember to bring a good stake to hold your dog’s lead. This way they will be able to wander without getting lost.

Extra things you could bring- More than likely, you will be sharing the campsite with other people, and their sleep patterns may not be in line with your own, so ear plugs are a useful item to bring with you.

Bin bags are also useful, so you can easily dispose of your rubbish and protect the environment.

While many good campsites have bins dotted all over, it’s wise to take bin bags if you don’t want to walk to the camp bins every 5 minutes to dispose of your waste.

We really do hope you have the best time on your first camping trip and that you’ll visit us again to learn more tips and tricks about making each camping trip better than the one before it!

Are you a seasonal camper, what tips would you give to a first timer?

If you know someone who is going camping for the first time why not share it with them?


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