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Highlander Long Spoon: Essential for Outdoor Dining

Original price was: £7.99.Current price is: £5.97.

Availability: 4 in stock

Long handled spoon. Ideal for use with ration packs and fast boil stoves.
Aluminium long spoon

The head is angled to aid in eating from food pouches

The extra length make this spoon Ideal for eating ration packs without making a mess

Great for use with the fast boil to avoid burnt fingers

Strong construction

COLOUR               Metallic

MATERIAL           Hard wearing aircraft grade aluminium

DIMENSIONS     24cm x 38cm

INCLUDES            1 zinc alloy double ended karabiner

Cooking Accessories

Cooking Utensils

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🥄 Highlander Long Spoon: Your Ideal Outdoor Eating Tool! 🥄

Hey, Campers and Outdoor Foodies! Tired of making a mess while eating from ration packs or using fast boil stoves? The Highlander Long Spoon is here to make your outdoor dining experience neat and convenient!

🌟 Long-Handled Design: This spoon features a long handle, making it ideal for eating directly from food pouches without the mess. It’s perfect for campers who prefer ration packs or dehydrated meals.

🔥 Great for Fast Boil Stoves: The extra length of the spoon also means you can stir and eat from fast boil stoves without the risk of burnt fingers – a common issue with shorter utensils.

📏 Durable Material:

  • Made from hard-wearing aircraft-grade aluminium
  • Dimensions: 24cm x 38cm
  • Colour: Metallic

🎒 Compact & Lightweight: Despite its length, the spoon is lightweight and compact, making it easy to pack and carry on any outdoor adventure.

🌲 Versatile Use: Whether you’re hiking, camping, or enjoying a picnic, this long spoon is a versatile addition to your outdoor kit.

So, are you ready to enjoy your outdoor meals with more ease and less mess? Get the Highlander Long Spoon from and experience the convenience of a well-designed eating utensil.

Order now and elevate your outdoor dining experience! 🛒🥄🏕️


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Highlander Long-Spoon CP223Highlander Long Spoon: Essential for Outdoor Dining
Original price was: £7.99.Current price is: £5.97.

Availability: 4 in stock

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