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Durable lightweight food grade construction

COLOUR: Metallic

SIZE: 2.6L

HANDLE: Stay cool folding silicone covered handles

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Highlander Cook Pot 2.6L


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Highlander Cook Pot 2.6L

When packing for any camping trip, whether you will be camping with your family or backpacking with a group of friends, what you pack can really matter.

If you have to choose just one pan, then make sure it is this stunning2.6-litre cookpot. This is a durable pan with a lightweight food-grade construction.

It comes with a handy see-through lid and has very practical folding handles that are covered with stay-cool silicone for ease of handling.

The handles can be folded flat against the body of the pan when not in use, making it compact and easy to pack into your rucksack.

This pan is a good size and could be used to create a variety of “one-pot” meals for the hungry camper who is short on space.