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    Kampa Collapsible Wash Basin with Plug


    This washing bowl comes with a straining plug

    Easy Fold Design


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    Kampa Fibreglass Tent Pole

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    Kampa Folding Colander: Essential for Efficient Camping Cooking

    Original price was: £9.99.Current price is: £4.47.

    🍲 Kampa Folding Colander: The Space-Saving Kitchen Essential! 🍲

    Hey, Camping Chefs! Struggling with limited space in your camping kitchen? The Kampa Folding Colander is here to solve your problems!

    🌟 Compact & Collapsible: This colander is designed for the space-conscious camper. It measures 24 x 20 x 9cm when open, providing ample space for draining pasta, washing vegetables, or rinsing fruit. When not in use, it collapses down to just 24 x 3.5cm, making it super easy to pack and store.

    🚐 Ideal for Camping & Caravans: Perfect for use in smaller camping kitchens or caravans where storage space is at a premium. It’s a must-have for anyone who loves to cook while exploring the great outdoors.

    💧 Durable & Easy to Clean: Made from robust materials, this colander is not only durable but also easy to clean. Whether you’re preparing a meal by the campfire or in your caravan, this colander is up for the task.

    🎨 Stylish Blue Colour: The colander comes in a vibrant blue colour, adding a pop of fun to your camping cookware.

    📏 Specifications:

    • Open Size: 24 x 20 x 9 cm
    • Folded Size: 24 x 3.5 cm
    • Material: Durable components

    So, are you ready to make your camping cooking more efficient and enjoyable? Get the Kampa Folding Colander from and enjoy the convenience of a space-saving kitchen tool.

    Order now and enhance your camping kitchen experience! 🍝🏕️

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    Kampa Nosh Lightweight Cook Set

    Original price was: £15.47.Current price is: £9.47.
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    Kampa Screw Tent Pegs – Pack of 20: Easy & Reliable Tent Setup

    Original price was: £17.99.Current price is: £14.97.

    🏕️ Kampa Screw Tent Pegs: Revolutionize Your Tent Setup! 🏕️

    Hey, Camping Enthusiasts! Tired of struggling with traditional tent pegs? Say hello to the Kampa Screw Tent Pegs – your new go-to for a secure and effortless tent setup!

    🔩 Screw Design for Easy Use: These pegs feature a unique screw design, making them incredibly easy to insert and remove from the ground. No more hammering and no more bent pegs!

    🌟 Pack of 20 with Puller: Each pack contains 20 pegs, ensuring you have plenty for securing your tent. Plus, the included puller makes removal a breeze, saving you time and effort.

    🏞️ Strong & Durable: Designed to provide a firm hold in various terrains, these pegs are perfect for ensuring your tent stays put, whether you’re camping on grass, soil, or sandy grounds.

    🎒 Lightweight & Portable: Despite their strength, these pegs are surprisingly lightweight and easy to carry. They won’t add unnecessary weight to your camping gear.

    🛠️ Versatile Use: Not just for tents, these pegs are also great for anchoring tarps, canopies, or garden decorations. Their versatility makes them a must-have in your outdoor gear.

    📏 Size & Material: Made from durable materials, these pegs are built to last. Their size and design make them suitable for a variety of camping situations.

    So, are you ready to upgrade your camping experience? Get your hands on the Kampa Screw Tent Pegs from and enjoy a hassle-free tent setup on your next outdoor adventure.

    Order now and make tent pitching a breeze! 🛒🌲🔩

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    Kampa Squash Electric Kettle 0.8L: Essential for Outdoor Cooking


    🏕️ Kampa Squash Electric Kettle 0.8L: Your Portable Boiling Companion! 🏕️

    Hey, Camping and Adventure Lovers! Tired of bulky kettles on your outdoor trips? The Kampa Squash Electric Kettle 0.8L is here to make your life easier!

    🔥 Compact & Collapsible: Designed for the adventurer on the go, this kettle is collapsible and compact, fitting easily in your rucksack. Say goodbye to bulky camping gear!

    💧 Efficient Boiling: With a capacity of 0.8L, it’s perfect for making a quick cup of tea, coffee, or instant soup. Enjoy the convenience of boiling water wherever you have a power source.

    🎒 Lightweight & Durable: Despite its compact size, the kettle is durable and built to last. It’s the ideal addition to your camping essentials, ensuring you always have hot water at hand.

    🌲 Easy to Use: Simple to set up and use, this electric kettle is a must-have for any camping, hiking, or outdoor trip. It’s also great for use in caravans or motorhomes.

    📏 Specifications:

    • Capacity: 0.8L
    • Material: Durable components
    • Features: Collapsible design for easy storage and transport

    So, are you ready to make your camping trips more convenient? Get the Kampa Squash Electric Kettle 0.8L from and enjoy hot drinks and meals with ease.

    Order now and elevate your outdoor cooking experience! 🛒🔥☕

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